I Came to Budapest for the Bathtub - Budapest's Szimpla Kert Bar

Budapest is famous for many things, the foremost being the Hungarian baths that can be found throughout the city. However, I didn't visit Budapest for the baths, I went for the bathtub - a simple bathtub located on the second floor of the popular ruins bar, Szimpla Kert.

 Rachel and I enjoying our drinks in the bathtub 

Rachel and I enjoying our drinks in the bathtub 

Years ago I stumbled upon an article that claimed that bars in Budapest had bathtubs! Bathtubs that, although lacking water, you could still sit in while enjoying your drink. To say that I was intrigued would be downplaying the situation; I simply had to go to Budapest and experience these bathtubs for myself!

Now, imagine my surprise when I arrived in Budapest and no one that I spoke with had ever heard of this alleged bathtub. I was beginning to worry that the article was too outdated, and that perhaps I had missed my chance to enjoy the tub in all it's glory. However, if the tub existed then I had to find it - so I gathered some friends and we set out on our quest.

After a bit of investigating we located the bathtub and lavished in our success! Overall, Szimpla Kert is definitely a fun bar to check out while in Budapest. Other than the bathtub, you will find a weird assortment of quirky furniture in each room! 

Szimpla Kert (Kazinczy utca 14, Budapest 1075, Hungary)

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