Bali's Best Hostels 2017

This blog is all about where to stay in three of Bali's best destinations - Canggu, Uluwatu, and Ubud - if you're on a budget but still looking for a clean, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere. While booking your own Instagram worthy villa may be tempting, this is not always the best choice when traveling solo or on a budget. Additionally, when traveling alone it is often difficult to find a balance between a social hostel and a party hostel - a place where you can meet cool people, go out when you feel like it, but also get a good night of sleep when your body needs a break! 

Canggu: The Farm Hostel

- Resort atmosphere (two pools)
- Outdoor showers
- On-site cafe and bar

- Close proximity (walking distance) to restaurants and bars
- Scooter rentals available
- Best staff ever!!

Check it out here

Uluwatu: Karma Backpacker House 

- Social atmosphere
- Enforced quiet hours after 11pm
- Breakfast included (make your own eggs)
- Party shuttle

This is a major perk in my opinion. Uluwatu is super spread out, with expensive taxis, which leads a lot of backpackers driving their scooters late at night after one too many bintangs. The hostel provides a round trip shuttle for 50K to and from the designated party spot. They are even willing to drop you off for an after party if you would like to keep partying, so as not to disturb sleeping guests
- free delivery
The hostel has the menu to a cheap, local warung that offers free delivery. With super tasty entrees as low at 20K, it is a great option for when you don't want to go out to eat
- friendly staff
The staff is incredibly friendly and accommodating to your every need

Check it out here!

Ubud: Puji Hostel

- Cheap breakfast options
Although breakfast is not included, options start as low as 5K for a fruit salad. Tea and coffee are free of charge! 
- Pool with rice field view
Honestly this should be reason enough to come! Super relaxing and the views are on point! 
- Central location on quiet road
- Accommodating staff
When I was injured the staff was super helpful in assisting me and accommodating to my various needs.

Check it out here!