Patagonia Photo Journal

El Chalten

“The town of El Chalten has a laid back hippiesque-feel, providing the perfect base for some of Patagonia’s best hikes!”

Recommended Stay: 3-4 Days
Recommended Restaurant: Prana Bar Natural (Vegetarian/Vegan)

Day 1: Mirador Los Condores & Mirador Las Aguilas (6 km) and Salto El Chorrillo (4 km)
Get your muscles warmed up on the first day with a couple of easy hikes. Although these hikes are less strenuous, the view points are definitely impressive! 

Day 2: Laguna de los Tres hike to Mt Fitz Roy (26 km roundtrip - steep inclines)
This is easily the most famous hike from El Chalten, leading to the famous Mt Fitz Roy (recognizable from the Patagonia clothing logo). Be prepared for a steep incline during the last hour or so up to the lake! 

Day 3: Laguna Torre hike (20 km roundtrip)
Although still long, this hike is quite easy, so you can give your legs a break after the steep inclines of Laguna de los Tres. This hike possess dinosaur age characteristics with some incredible geology! 

Day 4: Pliegue Tombado (22 km roundtrip) 
This hike requires some stamina, as the majority of the hike is at an incline. Since this is one less famous hikes, there will be less tourists on the trails, giving you time and space to take in the incredible panoramic views at the top! 

El Calafate 

“A great first stop in Patagonia and perfect base for viewing the famous El Morado Glacier”

Recommended Stay: 1-2 Days
Recommended Restaurant: Parrilla La Marca
Come here hungry because this cozy spot offers all-you-can-eat parrilla at a very reasonable price! 

What to Do? 
Visit El Morado Glacier (Hielo y Adventura Minitrekking Full Day Tour


“Hikes, bikes, and kayaks - this city has got all that - plus a vibrant social scene”

Recommended Stay: 2-3 Days
Recommended Hotel: View Hotel BRC
Recommended Restaurant: Manush (Gastropub) 
I'm not usually one to eat at the same place multiple times on a trip, however we came back three nights in a row for Manush's amazing trout!

What to Do?
- Rent a bike and cycle around the 27 km perimeter of Circuito Chico
- Take the funicular up Cerro Otto for views of the lakes
- There are many tours offering fun excursions such as horseback rides and rafting