Under the Tuscan Sun: Visiting Lucca, Italy

Taking a trip to Italy? Visiting Lucca is a must! Bike rides in summer dresses through cobble stone streets. Vibrant green trees bursting with juicy lemons and skies filled with cotton candy sunsets. Mountainous landscapes fill the distant horizon, as beautiful music fills your ears from the closer vicinity. An Read more…


One Day Cinque Terre Itinerary

Tight on time but still want to see all five towns? Read on to find out how to make this possible with the one day Cinque Terre itinerary! For those of you who are not familiar with the area, Cinque Terre is more accurately a region, rather than a singular Read more…


Tivoli: A Roman Day Trip

Tivoli, a city in the Lazio region, is home to two beautiful gardens: Villa d’Este and Villa Adriana. It is accessible from Rome by various modes of transportation. The cheapest and easiest method, if driving is not an option, it to take the metro line B to the Ponte Mammal Read more…


A Guide to Salamanca’s Nightlife

While Salamanca is, without a doubt, a city of charm and beauty, it is the city’s nightlife that attracts students from all over the world! So where to go? Read on to see what’s on my guide to Salamanca’s nightlife! Guide to Salamanca’s Nightlife Dinner Calle de Van Dyck A Read more…


Why You Need to Visit Krakow, Poland

Read on to find out why you NEED to visit Krakow, Poland!  After a three night trip to Krakow earlier this summer, I can safely say that the city of Krakow has truly captured my heart! Wandering the streets of the city I felt as if I had been transported  Read more…


An Afternoon in Bratislava

One day in Bratislava: everything you need to know Before heading to Bratislava, Slovakia I was ambushed by mixed reviews from fellow travelers and online travel blogs about whether or not a visit to the city was worth it. However, afraid of hastily crossing it off my list, I decided Read more…

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