Is the Vietnam Open Bus Ticket Really Worth it?

Southeast Asia, the land of long bus trips. 14 hour overnight buses become commonplace, 6 hour day buses no longer a big deal.  For any of you planning a trip to Vietnam, you may be wondering whether or not you Read more…


Tivoli: A Roman Day Trip

Tivoli, a city in the Lazio region, is home to two beautiful gardens: Villa d’Este and Villa Adriana. It is accessible from Rome by various modes of transportation. The cheapest and easiest method, if driving is not an option, it Read more…


A Guide to Salamanca’s Nightlife

While Salamanca is, without a doubt, a city of charm and beauty, it is the city’s nightlife that attracts students from all over the world! So where to go? Read on to see what’s on my guide to Salamanca’s nightlife! Read more…


Da Lat Family Hostel: Vietnam’s Hidden Treasure

Tucked away on a small street in Vietnam, Da Lat Family Hostel is a hidden treasure for young backpackers. Mama will make you feel right at home the second that you walk through the doors. While the rooms are not Read more…


Why You Need to Visit Beijing

Often times when young travelers begin planning a lengthy backpacking trip they consider options such as Europe or South East Asia. China, however unfortunately gets left out of the mix. This article highlights the reasons why you need to visit Read more…


An Afternoon in Bratislava

One day in Bratislava: everything you need to know Before heading to Bratislava, Slovakia I was ambushed by mixed reviews from fellow travelers and online travel blogs about whether or not a visit to the city was worth it. However, Read more…

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