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11 Best Eco-Friendly Travel Products

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Traveling can often get a bad reputation in the sustainability world, as it requires planes, trains, and automobiles. However, there are so many small changes that you can make to help you to be more sustainable when traveling. I’ve rounded up a list of eco-friendly travel products to help you to be more sustainable when you travel, on any budget! 

Stasher Bags

I was given my first Stasher bag about a year ago from a friend and they instantly became a part of my daily routine. I use them every day for storing food, but they are perfect for any type of adventure. Whether you are packing a road trip snack or packing up your leftovers, Stasher Bags are easily one of the best eco-friendly travel products you can buy. I brought them on all of my camping trips when I was hiking in Upstate NY. They come in a variety of sizes from snack size to half-gallon bags. 

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Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Shampoo and conditioner bars are absolute game changers, and some of the best eco-friendly travel products. I’ve only ever used LUSH bars, so I can’t speak on any other brands, but these will be your best friend while traveling. No more mini shampoo bottles spilling all over your luggage! You can purchase a reusable tin for each, and then buy the bars individually with no extra packaging. I found that a single shampoo bar usually lasted me about 6-8 weeks when I was washing my hair almost daily. 

Natural Sunscreen

Using a natural sunscreen is an important way to keep your body, and the environment safe. I have been using bioClarity products for years, and they are one of my favorites. In addition to their body and face sunscreens, they have plenty of other great eco-friendly travel products.

eco friendly sunscreen

Reusable Bags

Packing a reusable bag is one of the easiest eco-friendly switches that you can make! There are tons of lightweight bags that fold up to practically nothing, that allow you to choose sustainability when grocery shopping, picking up souvenirs, or when you overpacked!

Pixie Cup

This one is for the ladies, so gentlemen, feel free to skip. Using a menstrual cup, such as Pixie Cup is one of the best sustainable travel and life switches that you can make. I have been using one for about two years now, and it has saved me so much money on tampons. Plus, it is a much better user experience overall. Using Pixie Cup makes it so much easier to travel during that time of the month. 

Vapur Water Bottle

It’s hard to write a list of my favorite eco-friendly travel products because for each one I just want to talk about how it is the best. But anyone who knows me knows that I never go anywhere without my Vapur water bottle. I usually travel with two of them, since they fold up after use so they don’t take up any extra weight and space. I bought my first Vapur water bottle back in 2015 when I was completing the Annapurna Base Camp trek, and never looked back. 

eco friendly travel products - vapur water bottle


A water filtration pump is super important if you’re going to be camping, or spending a lot of time away from any towns or cities. The LifeStraw filters 99.9999% of bacteria, making it a quick, easy way to get fresh water!


I’ve always been a “I like the feel of a real book” kind of girl, so it was tough for me to accept reading from a Kindle at first. However, using the Kindle is truly one of the most eco-friendly travel products. You can have all of your books in one place, with no waste! I also find that the battery life on the Kindle Paperwhite is incredible, and usually lasts me a couple of weeks. Whether I’m island hopping in El Nido or exploring Tulum on a budget, you can always trust that I’ll have my Kindle packed.

Stojo Cup

Hands down my favorite travel mug! The Stojo cup collapses for easy travel, but remains super sturdy when in use. They come in a variety of sizes, from 12oz to 24oz cups, with plenty of fun colors to choose. I’ve tried their water bottle as well, and wasn’t impressed, so I would stick to the cup for this one!

eco-friendly travel mug by stojo

Reusable Straw

I hate drinking any iced drink with a straw, so I was quick to invest in some metal straws. There are other eco-friendly travel straw options, including rubber and bamboo, but I personally prefer the metal ones. These come with a little bag, so you can always keep it on you, whether you’re traveling or heading to work. 

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads 

Goodbye waste makeup remover pads, hello sustainability. I remember packing full packs of cotton swabs for long trips. Now, I just need to pack 1-2 of these reusable makeup remover pads, and I can simply wash them along the way.

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