Is the Vietnam Open Bus Ticket Really Worth it?

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Southeast Asia, the land of long bus trips. 14 hour overnight buses become commonplace, 6 hour day buses no longer a big deal. 

For any of you planning a trip to Vietnam, you may be wondering whether or not you should be purchasing an open bus ticket for your journey.

When I first arrived in Hanoi, my first stop in Vietnam, I was told by a handful of people that I should buy an open bus ticket immediately in order to save a ton of money. However, I very quickly regretted purchasing the ticket. Since I ended up stopping at all seven destinations, I did end up saving a couple of dollars, however what was lacking was the convenience factor.

The details are as follows:

Cost: approximately $50-60 (prices differs based on number of stops and company)

Stops: 4-7 (Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Dalat, Mui Ne, Ho Chi Minh)

What is it? A bus ticket that allows you to

For the open bus ticket it is important that you reserve your seat at least 24 hours in advance, however it should be done 48 hours in advance to be safe since each company usually has only one bus each day. When it comes to traveling Southeast Asia spontaneity is often a key component of a backpacker’s trip. Having to decide to leave a place two days in advance was not always easy for me. I found that my fellow ticketless travelers had no problem booking buses at the last minute, since unlike me they were not limited to just one company.


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