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Looking for the best places to eat in Mexico City? Look no further!

UPDATE: Ooof, I originally wrote this post in 2018 as a baby blogger and just went to finally update it after my recent visit in 2024 and let me tell you – things in Mexico City have sure changed a lot. I’m tempted to just go ahead and scrap everything I wrote 6 years ago, which is pretty much what I did while rewriting. So let’s dive in!

My Mexico City food guide is your go-to guide for all of the best places to eat in Mexico City. This means all of the best tacos, tostadas, and quesadillas that CDMX has to offer! I’ll be covering a range of options for any budget, from fine dining and world famous cocktails to street food and tasty pastries – quite simply the best places to eat in Mexico City.

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Best Places to Eat in Mexico City: Restaurants

Mexico City is one of the best food capitals in the world. From street tacos to fine dining, you can find delicious food on any budget.

So let’s dive in to the best places to eat in Mexico City!


I know this spot gets a loooot of hype now, so I was tempted to delete it. But when I visited in 2018, the food at Contramar was seriously so so incredible! Mexico City restaurants are some of the best in the world, and this is truly the best of the best. Like seriously one of the best places to eat in Mexico City.

Admittedly, I have heard that reservations have become a bit impossible and it’s a bit of a scene these days (I haven’t dined here since 2018), so if you want something a bit more mellow you can head to the sister restaurant, Entremar.

Make sure to order the crab and tuna tostadas. Even though I was so full that I didn’t think that I could take another bite, we couldn’t resist ordering a second round!

crab and tuna tostadas at contramar mexico city
Tuna + Crab Tostadas from Contramar
Tacos from Contramar, Mexico City
Tacos from Contramar, Mexico City

Taqueria el Greco

Another great spot to add to the list is Taqueria el Greco. Taqueria el Greco is a hole-in-the-wall taqueria located amongst the trendy Condesa spots.

Taqueria el Greco covers all of the bases for prime location, cheap prices, and quick and delicious tacos and bites. I personally loved their quesadillas, but they are actually known for their gringas.

Por Siempre Vegana 2

Vegan friends, this one is for you! Por Siempre Vegana 2 has a full assortment of tacos – from steak to al pastor, all available with vegan meat substitutes. And for my non-vegan friends, you have the option to add cheese to any tacos or tortas as well.

Prices are a bit higher than your usual street tacos, but still very reasonable.

We ate here for lunch and it wasn’t busy at all, but it might be more crowded for dinner.

Maviri Condesa

Although I wasn’t positive about the vibes of this spot when we first arrived, the ceviche was actually super fresh and delicious. The serving was pretty large, so it makes a nice dish split in two for an appetizer.

Make sure to order one of their delicious Micheladas with salsas as well!

Maviri Condesa
Maviri Condesa

Restaurante Bar Montejo

We were invited to Restaurante Bar Montejo by some local friends and it was great! It’s a local, casual cantina where you can expect good Micheladas and traditional Mexican dishes. Reservations aren’t necessary but it does get super busy so arrive early.

Must try dishes include the Sopa de Lima and the Turkey Taco.

Taqueria Orinoco

A classic tourist-loved taco chain in Mexico City that is in fact worth the hype. There are multiple locations but the Roma location is definitely the best in my opinion. There is usually a wait, but the line moves super fast.

My recommendation: order a few Al Pastor tacos and a half order of the potatoes. The tacos are served with a side of pineapple and caramelized onions on the side, which I love.

Taqueria Orinoco
Taqueria Orinoco
Taqueria El Greco
Taqueria El Greco

Café de Raiz

A great all-day casual restaurant for traditional Mexican cuisine, although they are busiest for lunch. Known for their chilaquiles and tamales, but everything is delicious.

Note, Cafe de Raiz is cash-only.

Churreria El Moro

Looking for a sweet treat? Churreria El Moro has locations all over CDMX and it is most definitely one of the best places to eat in Mexico City! I like to pair my order of churros with a rich hot chocolate, or if the weather is hot, a churro sandwich.

During the summer months they have an option for a cold chocolate as well.

churros in cdmx
Churreria El Moro
churros with ice cream
Churreria El Moro – ice cream churro sandwich

Best Places to Eat in Mexico City: Food Stalls

La Guera Tortas de Chilaquiles (the best place to eat in Mexico City!!)

This might have been the best damn sandwich that I have ever eaten! We showed up to this corner stand on a bit of a whim, after a quick search on Google maps and let me say, it did not disappoint. La Guera Tortas de Chilaquiles is one of the BEST places to eat in Mexico City.

There is a line, and I would argue that it is worth it! If you arrive closer to opening, the line is usually 30-45 minutes. We arrive around 11am and ended up waiting almost 1.5 hours. A bit hard to justify, but at a certain point there is no turning back!

You’ll find mostly locals in line which is always a good sign, especially while anxiously waiting to see if it will live up to the hyper. It does!

A perfectly cooked breaded chicken breast covered in chilaquiles, chips and cream and all. I swear I would fly back to Mexico right now just to get another one.

The stand is cash-only.

Tacos “El Gato Volador”

Open 24/7, Tacos “El Gato Volador” is a great, local taco stand. They have a number of meat options, and complimentary toppings including caramelized onions, potato and cactus, as well as various salsas and lime. Make sure to try their consome as well.

The stall is cash-only so come prepared.

Cariñito Tacos

Not your cheapest street tacos, but so so delicious. Cariñito Tacos serves up Asian-inspired tacos from their tiny storefront. I only tried the veggie options, but our group loved all of the meat options as well. The cauliflower is one of the best veggie tacos I’ve ever had! Highly recommend, for meat and non-meat eaters alike!

Tacos "El Gato Volador"
Tacos “El Gato Volador”
Cariñito Tacos
Cariñito Tacos

Tostadas Coyoacan

Located inside the Coyoacan market, the busy stall of Tostadas Coyoacan is hard to miss! This is a great place to grab a quick, cheap bite after exploring the Frida Kahlo Museum.

Jenni’s Quesadilla

A quesadilla that is worth the wait. This simple food cart serves a variety of items from tortas and gringas, but are best known for their quesadilla.

Fillings include chorizo, cactus, huitlacoche, steak, and more. We tried the ‘flor de calabaza,’ or squash blossom, and it was fantastic.

There is usually a line, and it moves a bit slow, but it is definitely worth it.

The stand is cash-only.

tostadas in mexico city
Tostadas from the market
Jenni's Quesadillas
Jenni’s Quesadillas

Best Cafes and Breakfast Spots in Mexico City

El Cardenal

El Cardenal makes the list for best places to eat in Mexico City because it is simply a classic! Unlike the trendy cafes that are popping up around the city, this breakfast joint is frequented by the older, more traditional CDMX locale.

There is just about always a line to get in, so make sure to go inside and put your name on the list as soon as your arrive (rookie mistake on our part).

Once you’re seated a warm pasty and a cup of their traditional hot chocolate is an absolute must!

brunch at el cathedral in mexico city
El Cardenal, Mexico City
hot chocolate from el cathedral
Hot Chocolate from El Cardenal


If you’re looking for one of the best bakeries in Mexico City, then SAINT needs to be on your list.

There is almost always a line, but it moves fast for takeaway. Everything is delicious, but my favorite is the ‘pain au chocolat’. It buttery, flaky, and full of chocolate. It truly rivaled many of the pastries I had in France.

Panaderia Rosetta

I read over and over again that Rosetta is one of the best bakeries in CDMX, and therefore one of the best places to eat in Mexico City in general. I don’t disagree, a visit to Panaderia Rosetta is a must while in Mexico City.

You have option to dine-in (expect a decent wait around breakfast or lunch) or join the queue for takeaway. The sit down menu is a more extensive menu with typical Mexican breakfast dishes, while the takeaway options are mostly pastries and coffee drinks.

The line was decently long when we arrived at Panaderia Rosetta at 10am, but it moved fast and we made it to the front in just 10 minutes.

Panaderia Rosetta in CDMX
Panaderia Rosetta in CDMX
SAINT cafe and bakery
SAINT cafe and bakery

Señor Croissant

Delicious warm flaky croissants? Strong quality espresso drinks? A decent matcha latte? A beautifully aesthetic space? Señor Croissant in Condessa ticks all boxes for a great breakfast or afternoon sweet treat. Even the to-go cups are beautiful!

Constela Café

A great bustling cafe for coffee and tea drinks. This is a popular cafe in Mexico City to work from, and offers a beautiful space to do so.

There is both indoor and outdoor seating available.

Prices are a bit high, so you’re definitely paying for the ambiance here. Plant based milk options are available.

Señor Croissant
Señor Croissant
Constela Café
Constela Café

Best Places to Drink in Mexico City

La Botica

If you’re looking for high quality mezcal at low prices, this is a great chill bar for you. It is a small bar with both indoor and outdoor seating available.

We visited here multiple times during our recent 2024 visit in Mexico City and it was one of my favorites.


Hule gives big European vibes – an eclectic assortment of art pieces for sale, a delicious selection of natural wines and cocktails, and lots of outdoor seating.

As a fan of natural wine, Hule is one of my favorite bars in Mexico City. They have wines by the bottle and a small selection of glass pours. Everything we tried was delcicous.

During the day it is more of a cafe, with the vibe turning into a bar at night.

Licoreria Limantour

We added Licorería Limantour to our Mexico City itinerary since it is currently on the 50 Best Bars in North America list. At #7 on the list you’ll find Licorería Limantour, a beautiful bar serving unique handcrafted cocktails in Roma Norte.

While walk-ins are possible for smaller groups, I definitely recommend making a reservation for anything more than 2 people.

They serve all of your standard cocktails, but I recommend trying their specialty drinks. My favorite was the ‘al pastor margarita’.

Licoreria Limantour
Licoreria Limantour
Hule - a great bar for natural wine
Hule – a great bar for natural wine

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