Best Restaurants in Chefchaouen, Morocco’s Blue City

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If you’re planning a visit to Morocco’s blue city, you’ll need to know all of the best restaurants in Chefchaouen. Chefchaouen was easily my favorite place that I visited in Morocco, an enchanting city with every inch painted in blue. A visit to Morocco is not complete without a stop in this magical city!

Where to Stay in Chefchaouen, Morocco

If it is in your budget than staying in the Medina is a must! There is nothing as magical as walking out of your accommodation, right into the beauty of the blue walled city. Luckily, there are a number of summer affordable options within the walled city as well. One of my favorites is Riad Baraka, which offers both dorms and private rooms.

Riad Baraka is small riad located in the walled city. The rooftop views are a definite highlight. I recommend coming up in the early morning to capture the city as it wakes up. A large breakfast is included in the price of the room, which can be enjoyed up on the roof.

Best Restaurants in Chefchaouen, Morocco


Best Restaurants in Chefchaouen, Morocco


Bab SSour (one of the best restaurants in Morocco)

We ate here for dinner on our first (and second) night of our trip to Morocco. If only we had known then that this spot would serve some of the best food that we would eat for our entire two week trip! What makes this restaurant an essential stop when visiting Chefchaouen? The views of the blue city below (try to snag a spot on the rooftop), the tasty veggie dishes, and the incredibly reasonable prices. For our first night we shared lentils, chickpea, zucchini, and soup (with some complimentary bread, olives, and artichoke pate). Our meal came to a total of 5 USD (that is less than 3 USD a person)! Bab Ssour was easily one of my favorite restaurants throughout my trip to Morocco. 

chickpeas at bab ssour chefchaouen - morocco itinerary


lentils at bab ssour chefchaouen - morocco itinerary


Casa Aladin


Come for the rooftop views, stay for the tasty food! Casa Aladin introduced me to my first tajine in Morocco while visiting Chefchaouen, and it was one of the best of my trip! Juicy chicken with caramelized onions and raisins over spiced cous cous – what could be better? I recommend visiting during lunch, or in the evening to catch the sunset. 

best restaurants in chefchaouen - tajine at casa aladin

Restaurant Morisco

While I didn’t get a chance to dine here myself, I’ve heard amazing things. They are known for their ftour beldi, which is a local breakfast made with eggs and goat cheese. If you get a chance to pop in, definitely let me know how it is!


Stop to Eat with the Locals

So this isn’t an exact restaurant by any means, but throughout our time in Chefchaouen, many locals offered to cook for us. We took up the offer by a man in local market, as he set up a table for us outside and offered to cook some homemade cous cous. The portion was massive, but the experience was awesome. We’d love watching him haggle for the veggies in the market, before cooking us up a delicious, home cooked meal at a very reasonable price.

cous cous in local market

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