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Breakfast in Tulum, Mexico: What to Know

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While most of my time in Tulum is spent chasing the best tacos and ceviches at all of the restaurants in Tulum, breakfast in Tulum is most definitely something to write home about as well. I think we can all agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for long travel days. One thing that I love about Tulum is that it offers the perfect blend of cheap local food, and healthy vegan and vegetarian alternatives. From lavish avocado toast and macadamia nut matcha lattes to breakfast burritos and taco trucks, there is something on this list for every budget! Read on to find out more about the best places for breakfast in Tulum, Mexico. 

La Pizzine (the best breakfast in Tulum)

I stumbled upon this spot while looking for a decent cup of tea in La Valeta. Of the many Tulum restaurants that I’ve visited over the years, this is by far one of my favorites. Any Tulum itinerary should include a meal at La Pizzine. I ordered the Avocado Toast with Tomato ($4.50 USD) expecting a classic spread of avocado with some sliced tomato on top. What came instead was pure magic. Seriously though – this toast was topped with avocado, bruschetta, zucchini, red onion, a seed mix, and fried egg, and the most delicious green sauce. If only every day could start with a meal like this!

The restaurant is also part art gallery, and it a popular spot for dinner. Come by for a glass of wine ($5-6 USD) and one of their delicious wood fire oven pizzas (starting at $4.50 USD). I can for a drink after dinner but the pizzas looked so good that I had to order one to take home.. for dessert of course!

Address: Calle 7 Sur y 14/Lote 16, La Valeta, 77760

Hours: Monday 9AM-10:30PM, Tuesday Closed, Wednesday & Thursday 8:30AM-10PM, Friday & Saturday 9AM-11PM, Sunday 8AM-11PM

avocado toast for breakfast in Tulum
Avocado toast with tomato from La Pizzine

Taqueria Honorio

Okay confession, I’ve never eaten at Taqueria Honorio. I know, I’m just as sad about it as you are since I won’t be able to share a proper review. But I trust my foodie friends who say that this is one of the best cheap taco spots in town. It’s only open in the mornings, but yet every time I tried to go it was randomly closed.

Address: Satélite Sur Sm10 lote 3, Centro, 77760

Hours: 6:30AM-3PM Daily

Holistika: La Tierra

Holistika is what Azulik was 3 years ago. Think lots of green, sound baths and yoga classes, and a trendy healthy cafe. I had a mixed experience. The property is gorgeous, no doubt about it. My food and matcha were delicious and reasonably priced. However, the service was awful and painfully slow, despite sitting at the bar. It definitely has your trendy expat vibe.

Address: Av 10 sur lote 4, manzana 902, Zona 11

Hours: 9AM-9PM Daily

matcha latte from holistika in tulum pueblo
Matcha latte from Holistika in Tulum Pueblo

Raw Love

Raw Love is a little slice of paradise in the middle of the jungle – that also happens to be located right on the beach. If you’re looking for a healthy, vegetarian (or vegan) breakfast or lunch, I highly recommend it as one of the best restaurants in Tulum. I love their Raw Pad Thai and all of their smoothie bowls. They have plenty of great gluten free options as well. Make sure to bring cash along because cards are not accepted.

Their main location is on the beach, part of Ahau hotel, but they now have a second location within Tulum Pueblo as well.

Address: Tulum Beach, 77500 

Hours: Daily 9AM-6PM

vegan breakfast at Raw Love tulum
Vegan breakfast in Tulum from Raw Love


I visited Kanan Tulum Hotel & Spa  for my very last meal on my very last day in Tulum. Everything about this beach hotel and restaurant is the definition of ~aesthetic~. Seriously though, enjoying breakfast in one of these nests was a serious highlight for me. There are typically minimums, but if you come at breakfast when it is empty, they’ll sometimes waive these charges.

I haven’t dined here for anything other than breakfast, but my avocado toast and cup of tea were both reasonably priced for these beachfront views.

Liquido y Solido

If you’re a digital nomad in Tulum, I’m sure this spot will be a gem for you. Liquido y Solido is one of the best places for breakfast in Tulum for getting work done. There are a lot of great vegetarian and vegan breakfast options as well. This is a big shaded outdoor area with plenty of seating. The menu consists of lots of fresh juices, smoothies, and healthy food options.

Address: Av. Tulum Mza32 L8, Col. Centro, 77760 

Hours: Daily 8AM-10PM (Sunday 10AM-4PM)

Matcha Mama

Matcha Mama is a classic spot for me on any Tulum itinerary. I actually posted this fun post on @tavernatravels the other day that showed photos of me at Matcha Mama over the years. Originally you could only enjoy a Matcha Mama smoothie bowl at the beach (Zona Hotelera), which is the address that I have listed below. However, there are now two more spots in Aldea Zama and Tulum Pueblo.

Address: Quintana Roo 15 470 Zona Hotelera • 77780, Zona Hotelera, 77780

Hours: Daily 8AM-6PM

smoothie bowl from matcha mama tulum
Famous smoothie bowls from Matcha Mama

Ki’Bok Coffee

Every friend I have that escaped to Tulum for a few months swears by the coffee at Ki’Bok, claiming it has the best coffee in Tulum. As a non-coffee drinker myself, I will never know. But I can say that they have an excellent space for breakfast and lunch. I enjoyed a delicious fresh juice as well. The menu is affordable with a variety of options from chilaquiles to scrambled eggs. Plenty of seating indoors, and a few seats outside as well.

Address: Calle Centauro Sur Mz 05 Lt 11, Tulum Centro, Centro, 77710 

Hours: Daily 7AM-9PM (Sunday 7AM-5PM)


After a few days in Tulum, I found myself craving my daily morning matcha routine. Usually I’m quite good at letting go of my at-home routines, but I had heard rumors about the amazing matcha lattes at Italdo so I had to check it out for myself. And let me tell you, the macadamia latte was everything I needed! Plus, the chocolate croissant was seriously to die for, and absolutely massive. They’ve got some really cute seating outdoors as well! They have a large selection of pastries available. It is a great spot if you’re looking for a vegan breakfast in Tulum.

I paid $6.50 for a matcha and a (very large) chocolate croissant. Obviously not the cheapest when you can eat a full taco lunch for $2, but still totally worth it in my opinion if you’re craving a delicious breakfast.

Address: AV. 5 Sur Manzana 892 Lote 6, Local 7, La Veleta

Hours: 8AM-8PM Daily

chocolate croissant and matcha from italdo
The best chocolate croissant from Italdo in Tulum, Mexico

A few honorary mentions on my list that I wanted to visit but just didn’t get the chance include:

  • Botanica
  • DelCielo
  • Tunich 

If you get a chance to visit any of these, definitely drop a comment below and let me know how you liked them! 

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