Taipei Food Guide: Best Restaurants and Street Food Markets

Welcome to my Taipei food guide! Not sure where to eat in Taipei? Look no further! We recently spent a week in Taipei, my second visit to the city. Before we visited we had an endless list of spots to visit, and discovered so many more delicious Taipei food options along the way. So whether […]

21 Best Things to do in Taipei, Taiwan

The best things to do in Taipei, Taiwan? I’ve got you covered! We recently spent over two weeks in Taiwan, a week of which was spent exploring the vibrant city of Taipei. I had visited Taipei once before, but on this trip I truly fell in love with this lush green concrete jungle. The city […]

15+ must-try dishes and street food in Hanoi, Vietnam

Visiting Hanoi? Let’s dive into the 15+ must-try dishes and street food in Hanoi, Vietnam. Whether you’re looking for a steaming hot bowl of Pho Bo or a refreshing Bun Bo Nam Bo salad, this list has all of the best dishes to try on your next visit to Hanoi. Prepare for your trip to […]

Hanoi to Ha Giang Vietnam: How to Get There

Let’s dive in on how to get from Hanoi to Ha Giang, Vietnam by bus, shuttle,or private car. We’ll cover schedules, ticket prices, and how to buy your tickets for your transfer. How far is it from Hanoi to Ha Giang? The distance from Hanoi to Ha Giang is around 280 kilometers, or 174 miles. […]

10+ Things to do in Delhi, India

Delhi is loud, hectic and dirty. In many ways it feels like the city is attacking you — from the loud noises, pollution and attention you’ll get as a foreigner (especially a woman). But it is also magical in its own way. It is one of the busiest cities in the world, filled with some […]

Places to Visit in Jodhpur, India (the Blue City)

If you’re planning a visit to India, make sure to add the Blue City to your itinerary. Jodhpur, located just a few hours from other popular destinations like Jaipur and Udaipur, is the second largest city in Rajasthan. Prepare for your trip to Jodhpur ✈️ Find cheap flights here ✨ Find top-rated tours here 🌿Book […]

Bangkok Food & Restaurant Guide

Bangkok is easily one of my favorite cities in the world, and that is mostly due to the fact that it is one of the best food destinations. The food is truly some of the best and it is still so so affordable. From spicy curries to sweet coconut ice creams, street food stalls and […]

Ha Giang Loop in Vietnam: What You Need to Know

The Ha Giang Loop, also known less commonly as the Ha Giang circuit, is a famous 3-4 day mountain loop in northern Vietnam. The loop takes you through windy mountain roads, passing some of the most beautiful views in the world on the way. When I say that I literally cried because it was so […]

15+ Best things to do in Hanoi, Vietnam

Looking for the best things to do in Hanoi, Vietnam? You’ve gone to the right place! Welcome to Hanoi, one of my favorite cities in the world. Where ancient traditions seamlessly coexist with modern urban life. It is a city that is rice in both history and culture, offering so much for any traveler who […]

Hanoi Food Guide: Best Restaurants and Street Food

Not sure where to eat in Hanoi? Look no further! We recently spent 2 weeks in Hanoi, our third visit to the city. We did ample research for this list seeing as we were averaging 4-5 meals per day. The food is simply so good, with so much more variety than I initially realized. Of […]

Exploring the Parvati Valley, India: What to Know

I’ll be totally honest, before we set off on our one month trip to India, the Parvati Valley wasn’t even on my radar. I knew that there were beautiful mountains in India, but we quickly brushed this area off as too cold or too difficult to reach. But after chatting with our amazing homestay host […]

Grahan Village: the most beautiful village in India

You have probably heard of hiking in the Himalayas in Nepal, but what about hiking in the Himalayas in India? We recently spent a month in India to kick off a longer year of travel. From our very first day in Delhi, we started hearing about the magic of hiking in the Indian Himalayas. As […]

Best things to do in Udaipur, India

Udaipur is easily one of my favorite places in Rajasthan, India. Gone is the hustle and bustle of the big cities. With the breeze of Pichola Lake wafting through the narrow alleys, the city and its inhabitants seem to mellow. I’ve compiled a list of the best things to do in Udaipur, India. Often dubbed […]

Best things to do in Jaipur, India

If you’ve stumbled upon this article, I hope it is because you are planning a trip to the magical city of Jaipur. If you’re not already familiar, Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, a state in the west of India. This guide will break down all of the best things to do in Jaipur, India. […]

Thailand on a Budget: What you Need to Know

Thailand will forever hold a special place in my heart as one of my favorite destinations in the world. From the hilly green hills of the North to the turquoise waters of the islands, Thailand has something to offer for any type of traveler. And the best part about it? Visiting Thailand on a budget […]

Bangkok to Koh Tao: What you Need to Know

Thailand is one of my favorite countries in the world. From the cuisine and the temples, to the turquoise waters and hills of Chiang Mai, there is something for everyone. Once you’ve had your fill of adventuring in Bangkok, you’ll want to head down to the islands for relaxation. This guide will cover what you […]

Kelingking Beach, Nusa Penida: Everything You Need to Know

Kelingking Beach view point, locally known as Pantai Kelingking, is easily one of the most epic viewpoints in Bali, or close to Bali, and perhaps the world. Located on Nusa Penida, the striking T-rex shaped rock formation jutting out over some of the most spectacular turquoise waters is simply amazing. Although no longer the hidden […]

10 Days in Thailand: The Ultimate Itinerary

Thailand is easily one of my favorite countries in the world, and i’ve been to quite a few countries at this point (over 65)! The country offers so much, from culture and cuisine, to diverse landscapes and endless activities. This 10 days in Thailand guide is perfect for your first trip to Thailand, giving you […]

Best Sri Lanka Hikes: For Any Type of Traveler

Sri Lanka is a country with so much to offer, bustling cities, delicious cuisine, great surfing, and some of the best hikes in the world. During my three weeks in Sri Lanka, we went on six different hikes across the country. No matter where in the world I am, I love finding the best hikes […]

Munduk Waterfalls Bali – What You Need to Know

If you’re visiting North Bali, a trip to the Munduk waterfalls is a must. The three Munduk waterfalls are located relatively close together, making them a great North Bali waterfalls day trip. Although each of the waterfalls have their own name, the waterfalls are located so near to one another that they entire set is […]

Things to do in Inle Lake, Myanmar

Inle Lake is a 13.5 mile long freshwater lake, located in the Shan Hills of Myanmar. The lake is located in the Nyaung Shwe township, not to be confused with Shwe Nyuang. Whether you are visiting Inle Lake after a long couple of days of hiking, or simply arriving by bus, this is your spot […]

A Day Trip from Kandy to Sigiriya

If you’ve visiting Kandy, I highly recommend taking a day trip from Kandy to Sigiriya. When I first started researching how to get from Kandy to Sigiriya, I was surprised to find a lack of accurate information. This guide will hopefully make things easier for you by covering what you need to know about getting […]

Mt Batur Sunrise Hike: What You Need to Know

A Bali itinerary is not complete without a Mt Batur sunrise hike. This post will not only convince you that it is a must-do activity, but everything you need to know about planning and enjoying a fun morning. Mt. Batur is 5,600 ft active volcano located in East Bali, Indonesia. Mt. Batur is located approximately […]

Bali on a Budget: A Guide to Visiting Bali

Bali is a bucket list destination for many, and therefore is often viewed as expensive and unattainable. The good news, Bali is actually a super budget-friendly destination and visiting Bali on a budget is a completely realistic goal if you plan it out right. Not to mention, Bali is one of my all time favorite […]

A Two Day Guide to Nusa Penida, Indonesia

Nusa Penida is one of the most magical places that I have ever visited. If you’ve been following along on my travel journey for a while then you know that I absolutely love Bali. Well, I love the small island of Nusa Penida off the coast of Bali just as much. It has sharp cliffs, […]

Things to do in Ubud: The Best Ubud Travel Itinerary

If you’re planning a trip to Bali then a stop in Ubud is a must. Read through my Ubud travel itinerary to find out everything you need to know about where to stay, where to eat and what to do in Ubud. Ubud Travel Itinerary Ubud is located in central Bali, approximately 1 hour north […]

North Bali Waterfalls: A Guide to the Best Waterfalls in North Bali

A visit to North Bali isn’t complete without a trip to some of the best Bali waterfalls. I have compiled a list of some of my favorites on the island, as well as information you’ll need on how to get there, entrance fees, and hike distances. A Guide to the Best Bali Waterfalls Munduk Waterfalls […]

The Ultimate Guide to Canggu, Bali

Call me cliche, but my relationship with Bali was love at first sight. From the first time that I visited Canggu, Bali in 2015, I just couldn’t get enough. No wonder I’ve been back three times, falling more in love with this sleepy (and now quite busy) surf town each time. If I could pack […]

Best things to do in Coron, Palawan

Looking for the best things to do in Coron, Palawan? I’ve got you covered!  If you’re planning a trip to the Philippines, be sure to add the beautiful Coron to the list. Located in Palawan, Coron is the gateway for island hopping in some of the Philippines most beautiful waters. (Palawan is) often described as […]

Best things to do in El Nido, Palawan

El Nido is one of the most beautiful areas in the Philippines, and probably the whole world. Made up of Visiting the Philippines had been on my bucket list for a very long time. In fact, I actually planned two trips to the island that fell through. Luckily, the third time’s the charm and I […]

The 5 Spots That You Absolutely Need to Eat at in Hanoi

Read on to find out about the 5 places that you absolutely need to eat at in Hanoi! Bun Cha: Bun Cha 34 Hang Than If there is one place that you need to eat at in Hanoi it is Bun Cha 24 Hang Than! I don’t even like pork, I probably eaten in only […]

A Guide to the Annapurna Base Camp Trek

In May of 2014 I spent two weeks completing the Annapurna Base Camp trek, otherwise known as the ABC trek,  in Nepal. These were truly two of the best weeks of my life. I am embarrassed to admit that it has taken me 4 years to finally get around to write this post, however better […]

Dining in Bali : Canggu Restaurant Guide

Everything you need to know about dining in Canggu, Bali! 

48 Hours in Bangkok, Thailand

Over the years I have heard a lot of hate for Thailand’s busy capital. I have heard complaints that it is too busy, too touristy, and too dirty, among other things. I couldn’t disagree with these sentiments more! Perhaps I am a bit immune to the big cities, as I live in New York City […]

The Best Things to Do in Siem Reap, Cambodia

A guide to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Suggestions on where to eat and explore while in Siem Reap! 

Siam Rice Chiang Mai: The Best Cooking Class

What you need to know about Chiang Mai’s best cooking school – Siam Rice Cookery School! A must on your next trip to Thailand!

A Hidden Oasis in Bustling Saigon, Vietnam – An Apartment Review

A review of one of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam’s cutest apartment. What you need to know about where to stay in Saigon!

A Cozy Retreat at Haus Hostel – Chiang Mai

A review of Chiang Mai’s coziest hostel: Haus Hostel! 

Sri Lanka 2 Week Itinerary: Everything You Need to Know

The complete two to three week guide to visiting Sri Lanka. Where to stay, what to eat, what to do.. and how much it is all going to cost! This is a must-read itinerary for anyone planning a trip to South Asia’s beautiful island of Sri Lanka! 

Visit Sri Lanka: 7 Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka Now!

Seven reasons you need to visit Sri Lanka now – a photo guide! 

Day Trip to Ayutthaya: What You Need to Know

Your travel guide on what you need to know about visiting UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ayutthaya, on a day trip from Bangkok, Thailand. 

Seoul’s Popular Bukhansan Hike: What You Need to Know

Want to find out more about Seoul’s popular Bukhansan hike? You’ve come to the right place! On my recent trip to Seoul, South Korea, I had the opportunity to reach Seoul’s highest peak in Bukhansan National Park. The experience most definitely did not disappoint! Bukhansan hike is a MUST DO while in Seoul! Located just […]

What you Need to Know: A Nusa Islands Itinerary

Planning a trip to Bali? Read on to find out why you need to visit the Nusa Islands, as well as a full Nusa Islands itinerary for your adventure! This guide will cover Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. You can also find my full guide on visiting Nusa Penida!   As I began planning my […]

3 Day Kalaw to Inle Lake Trek: What to Know

Your go-to guide for an awesome three day trek from Kalaw to Inle in Myanmar.  

Best Things to See in Hoi An, Vietnam

Along the coastline of Vietnam, you’ll find the charming seaside city of Hoi An, or Hội An. From the lantern-lined streets to the bright yellows of the Old Town, Hoi An is easily one of the most charming and tourist-friendly cities in Vietnam. A visit to Hoi An is the perfect mix of action and […]