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How to Save up to $500 on Every Flight with Dollar Flight Club

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So you want to know how to find cheap flights? This travel tip can help you save $500 on your next trip! 

As a full time traveler I spend a lot of time looking for the best flight deals. This is partially because I’ve traveled to 20 countries (!!) in just the last year. But also because flight prices lately are out of control! I am always looking for the best way to flight cheap flight deals, and travel alert programs are one of the best way to do just that.

Dollar Flight Club Review

Let me introduce you to Dollar Flight Club. A flight deal alert service that saves you time and money with the best flight deals.

Since my goal is to share the best travel tips with all of you, the team at Dollar Flight Club asked me to try out their service and share a review with all of you.

Here is how it works: Sign up for $1*, set your departure airport and select dream destinations, and then sit back and relax as deals roll into your inbox.

*$1 is the cost of the two week free trial for the Dollar Flight Club Premium Membership.

What is Dollar Flight Club? 

Dollar Flight Club is a flight deal alert service that saves you time and money with the best flight deals. These flight deals are shared directly to your inbox or by text to help you find the cheapest routes to your dream destinations. You’ll need to act fast, but with the help of Dollar Flight Club you can save hundreds of dollars on your next flight.

How does Dollar Flight Club work? 

So you might be wondering how exactly Dollar Flight Club works!

Behind the daily flight deals that land in your inbox you’ll find a team of flight specialists who are scouring the web for the best deals. These deals are triggered by travel events such as error or mistake fares or flash sales run by the individual airlines. When these deals pop up, they are sent to you inbox based on your selected airport and destination settings.

One thing I love is that in addition to email and optional text alerts on deals, you can also log into your account to view all of the latest deals in one place. If you are someone you can get a bit overwhelmed by too many emails (hi, it’s me), then this is a great way to find all of the deals in one place. But remember, many of these deals are time sensitive so you’ll want to book quickly.

Dollar Flight Club Review

Is Dollar Flight Club worth it? 

Yes! And with the Premium Member trial for just $1, there is truly nothing to lose with this risk free trial. 

Just make sure to cancel before the service is renewed if you don’t plan to keep the service (but I’m sure you’ll love it). If you sign up for a trial, the trial is 14 days. After the trial, the membership will automatically update to the annual plan and is $69/year.

For me the customizability options available with Dollar Flight Club are what make it worth it. It saves me time with monitoring and constantly checking for the best deals between my preferred airports and dream destinations.

Dollar Flight Club Review

Since signing up for Dollar Flight Club, here are some recent deals that I’ve seen come through my inbox: 

  • LAX-AMX (<$500 round trip), fall dates available 
  • JFK-MIA ($166 round trip), July 2024-March 2025
  • JFK – CUN ($300 round trip), July 2024-March 2025
  • JFK – ATH ($380-586 round trip), August 2024-March 2025
  • JFK – CDG (<$2200 round trip in business class), July 2024-March 2025 on Icelandair

Looks like I might need to book a trip to Greece

Or Mexico

Or maybe the South of France?

What’s the difference between the Free and Premium Membership options?

The base Dollar Flight Club membership is absolutely free. All you need to do is sign up and watch the deals roll in. However, the team over at DFC has rolled out a Premium (and Premium+) membership option for travelers looking for the best destination.

The Premium membership costs $69/year, while the Premium+ membership costs $99/year.

Here are some added perks of the Premium Membership:

  • All the deals are shared with Premium members, rather than just a few handpicked deals 
  • The option to set 4 different departure airports for monitoring flights 
  • Personalization on preferred airlines to receive more curated flight deals
  • Deals for domestic flights

Here are some added perks of the Premium+ Membership:

With the Premium+ Membership you’ll receive all of the benefits of the standard Premium membership, plus a fex extra perks including:

  • Business and Premium Economy Class deals
  • Access to a priority support team

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How to Plan a Trip

Other ways to find cheap flights 

Signing up for a travel alerts service like Dollar Flight Club is just one of the great ways to save on upcoming flights. Here are a few of my other best tips for saving $$$:

  • Travel during the shoulder (or even off) season for destinations
  • Don’t box yourself in to specific dates, or even specific destinations. Let the great flight deals lead your travel planning.
  • Use apps like Hopper to monitor and predict flight price changes.
  • Consider flying to nearby cities to your preferred destination. For example, rather finding a flight to Rome, you may find a cheap flight to Paris. From here you can use a low-cost flight carrier to reach your destination.

Note: I received a free 1 year membership to Dollar Flight Club in exchange for my review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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