A Guide to Salamanca Nightlife

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While Salamanca is, without a doubt, a city of charm and beauty, it is the city’s nightlife that attracts students from all over the world! So where to go? Read on to see what’s on my guide to Salamanca nightlife!

A Guide to Salamanca Nightlife (Spain)

Salamanca, Spain

A Guide to Salamanca Nightlife

Best Places to Eat in Salamanca, Spain

Calle de Van Dyck

A street rather than a particular restaurant, Van Dyck offers a ton of fun tapas locations. Try a couple of tapas at each place before walking over to the next.

El Minutejo

located on Van Dyck this tapas restaurant is one of my favorites because it offers some good variations for vegetarians. I particularly enjoyed their fried eggs!


This tapas restaurant is a bit more expensive but it is absolutely delicious and definitely worth a visit. Check out their menu.

Restaurante Don Cochinillo Asado

Although I’ve never been here personally, a friend described this place as Salamanca’s hidden gem. Give it a try next time you’re in the area and let me know what you think! In the mean time, check out their trip advisor page.

Chocolateria Valor

If you are looking for a tasty dessert, stop by this place for some of the most amazing churros with chocolate in the city. Check out their website!

Salamanca Nightlife: The Best Bars + Clubs

The Irish Theatre (formerly The Irish Rover)

Your “typical college bar” so to speak. Packed with international students, karaoke nights, and beer pong tournaments, international students can feel right at home. On some nights the bar offers a special of 5 euros for all you drink sangria/heineken. Check out their Facebook page for more info!

Calle Rua Antigua, 11


5 euro liter drinks, do I need to say anymore? There is a reason this one made it on the guide to Salamanca’s nightlife! A dive bar where visitors enjoy signing their names all over the bar’s ceiling and walls

Calle de las Varillas, 7

La Chupiteria

Shots, shots, shot! This was often a first stop for my friends and I on account of the cheap shots that were served here. Make sure to not drink too much though since there is a lot to see once you’ve moved on from La Chupiteria (often referred to as Chupis). Check out their trip advisor page!

Plaza de Monterrey, s/n


Located close by to Chupiteria, Gatsby is a common stop on a night out! It is a fun stop if you are looking to dance after Chupiteria’s shots! Check out their Facebook page!

Bordadores, 45


The next option of this guide to Salamanca’s nightlife is this awesome underwater submarine bar! The best decor and alternative/rock music – sounds like fun to me! Want to dance to some fun music but it is still too early in the night to head over to Kandavia? Then Submarino is the place for you! Check out their Facebook page!

Calle San Justo, 27


It is reaching the later hours of the night (or rather the early hours of the morning) but the night is still young in Salamanca! Students typically start heading over to Kandhavia around 5am, however if you happen to arrive before 4 am you will be graced with a free drink (but an empty club). Check out their Facebook page!

Calle Bermejeros, 18

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