Tip: Renting a car or scooter is the best way to explore Milos’ best beaches, but make sure to book in advance!

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Do you dream of sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters? Look no further than Milos, Greece – the ultimate beach lover’s destination. Milos, located in the Aegean Sea, has some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world. Each of the Milos beaches is completely unique, from the moon-like vibes of Sarakiniko to the sandy stretch of Firiplaka.

Milos has over 80 beautiful beaches across the small island, from rocky coves to golden sandy stretches – all boasting some of the bluest, clearest waters I’ve ever seen! 

The beaches in Milos are categorized into organized and unorganized. The first meaning is that you’ll find beach chairs and umbrellas for rent, maybe even a small bar or restaurant. The latter requires you to bring your own beach-going gear. We visited mostly non-organized beaches throughout our stay on Milos. 

Before you dive into the article, here is a list of the most popular tours and excursions in Milos:

Popular tours in Milos

Let’s dive in as I cover how to explore the best Milos beaches on this charming Greek island. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to plan the ultimate Milos beach getaway, including which beaches to visit, how to get there, and where to find the best food. 

Mandrakia village
Mandrakia village

Where is Milos? 

Milos is a small island in the Cyclades group of Greek Islands in the Aegean Sea. Milos is  located about 3 hours south of Athens by speed ferry. Other nearby islands include Crete, Sifnos, and Serifos. And with its easy access to other islands in the Cyclades archipelago, you can easily make Milos the starting point for an island-hopping adventure. 

Although Milos has been a popular tourist destination for years, it does not have the crowds of its famous neighbor Mykonos or Santorini. The island itself is rather quiet, filled with the most beautiful beaches, small fishing villages and charming cobblestone streets. 

The island can be reached by either speed ferry or a quick direct flight from Athens International Airport.

How to get to Milos

Athens to Milos by plane – you can reach the island of Milos (MLO) in just 30 minutes with a direct flight from Athens International Airport (ATH). The tickets, however, can be quite pricey if not booked well in advance. On the plus side, you’ll get incredible views throughout the flight.  You’ll find frequent flights with Aegean and Sky Express. 

Athens to Milos by ferry – The most popular, and usually most affordable way, to get to Milos from Athens is by ferry from Piraeus Port – Greece’s largest port. The port is located about 6 miles southwest of the city center in Piraeus. The average journey from Athens to Milos takes 3-5 hours, depending on sea conditions. No need to print your tickets once purchased, simply scan your QR code upon boarding. 

The beautiful moon-like beach of Sarakiniko
The beautiful moon-like beach of Sarakiniko
girl at Sarakiniko beach
Make sure to bring a hat for day at Sarakiniko beach as there is no protection from the sun!

Getting around the Milos beaches

Renting a car 

My biggest tip for exploring Milos and its breathtaking beaches is to rent a car. Alternatively, there are also scooters and ATVs available, but we found having a car to be far more convenient. It allowed us the flexibility to explore the best beaches that the island has to offer. Renting a car on Milos island gives you the freedom to really explore at your own pace. 

The convenience of having your own vehicle lets you visit places that are not easily accessible by public transportation (although it is possible to get around by bus if you choose). In order to rent a car in Milos you will need a valid driver’s license and an international driver’s permit (IDP).

Additionally, most people in Greece only drive manual cars, so for this reason there are only a limited number of automatic cars available for rent. If you’re looking to rent an automatic car, expect to pay more and book in advance to reserve your car without any hiccups. And if you are planning to rent a manual car, make sure that you are comfortable driving it before hitting the roads of Milos. Many of the roads that lead to the Milos beaches are very narrow and steep, and you may need to navigate some bumpy patches of rocks and debris. 

Renting a scooter/ATV

Another option for getting around the beautiful island of Milos is by scooter or ATV. This is a great option if you’re traveling solo or in a pair, rather than a larger group. Since we stayed rather far from the main beaches, we preferred having a car to get around, however this is a great option for shorter distances.

ATVs tend to be around the same price as a car rental. Scooters, however, are usually a bit cheaper with rates starting ay 25€‎ per day. If you plan to navigate Milos’ beaches by scooter, please make sure you are comfortable on the bike and always wear a helmet. 

Boat Tour 

Another great way to visit the best Milos beaches is by booking a boat tour. This can be a great alternative to renting a car, or a fun addition to exploring bhy land. Exploring the island by boat allows you to gain a new perspective, and enjoy all of the best Milos beaches both from the water and the shore.

Hiring a boat, either without a captain or through an organized boat tour, will also allow you to access cooler dive and snorkel spots, as well as visit beaches that aren’t accessible by car.

Many of these boat tours will also stop at Sarakiniko Beach, but I personally recommend visiting on your own to have more time to chill if possible! 

Public Transportation 

While you won’t have the same freedom as exploring with your own car, you can definitely visit many of the best beaches in Milos by public transporation – specifically by bus!

The main bus terminal is located in Adamas, which may be a good option for basing yourself if you plan to explore by bus. 

A ride costs 2€‎. Timetables change frequently, so be sure to check before waiting for a bus. You can use the Milos Buses website for updated routes and schedules. 

By bus you can easily reach the following destinations, among many others:

  • Sarakiniko 
  • Plaka 
  • Papafragas
  • Fyriplaka 
Fresh octopus being sundried in Mandrakia
Fresh octopus being sundried in Mandrakia

Prepare for your trip to Greece

Milos Beaches: Everything you need to know 

Now that we’ve covered all of the nitty gritties and island logistics, lets dive into all of the best Milos beaches to explore on your next adventure! 

Sarakiniko Beach

Looking for the best beach in Milos? Sarakiniko might just be it! This was one of those beaches that I’d seen so many times before visiting, and yet it still wowed me away! Stepping onto the “beach” of Sarakiniko feels like you’re landing on the moon. The white, sea-carved structures possess a lunar-like look, a landscape that is truly otherworldly. The rock formations at Sarakiniko beach are unlike anything i’ve ever seen.

Head here for a day of longing in the sun, pressed against the gorgeous white rock. You’ll find caves to explore, the bluest waters to swim in, and a fun cliff jumping spot to keep you entertained all day long. While Sarakiniko is one of the most popular beaches, it is large enough that it never feels too crowded. It’s the ultimate summer hangout spot on Milos island. 

Tips for visiting Sarakiniko Beach

  • Before you head to the main beach area, take the road to the right where you can grab your snorkel gear and check out a shipwreck located just off the shore. 
  • Although there is a small slice of sandy beach, most sunbathers lay out on the rockface. Some parts of the volcanic rock can be super sharp so I recommend bringing a second towel for a little extra cushion. 
  • Because of its location, Sarakiniko has little to no protection from the weather on a windy day. While it is still beautiful to visit, I recommend choosing a day with minimal wind to hang out at Sarakiniko.
  • You’ll need to walk a bit to reach the beach, but if you arrive early you’ll be able to snag a parking spot in the free lot, and eliminate some of the walk to the beach.
  • You won’t find much shade here so be sure to pack a hat and lots of sunscreen. 
Sarakiniko Beach, Milos, Greece
Sarakiniko Beach, Milos, Greece

Fyriplaka Beach

Fyriplaka, or Firiplaka, is another one of the best beaches on Milos to visit. Unlike Sarakiniko, Fyriplaka is a long stretch of golden sand, surrounded by a large rock face. The beach itself stretches for miles, and the water is some of the clearest, bluest water that I’ve ever seen! 

Flyriplaka tends to be less crowded than other popular beaches as it is situated away from the main tourist hot spots, even though it is probably the second most popular beach after Sarakiniko.

During the summer months you’ll find beach chairs and umbrellas to rent, along with a small beach bar. However, when we visited in late May there was nothing open – just a long sandy stretch of beautiful beach!

The water here tends to be calm and shallow, making it a great option for super windy days on the island. It is also a great, safe choice for families traveling with young children. 

Find a hotel in Milos now

Tips for visiting Fyriplaka Beach

  • There is tons of free parking available, but the hike back to the car can be quite steep if you park further away. 
  • If you don’t have a rental car, then you can take the local bus to Fyriplaka.
  • As you head further down the beach you’ll find more topless and nude bathers, if this is more your scene, head down that way.
  • Right as you enter the beach you’ll find some flat rocks. They are perfect for laying out if you want easy access to the water, without being on the sand.
  • You can rent a boat for the day right on the beach. 


Not quite your traditional beach, Klima is a small fishing village on Milos. Klima is known for its colorful houses that line the shore, creating a picturesque backdrop against the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea. Once a bustling fishing village, Klima’s colorful boat garages have been transformed into small guest houses for tourists. 

There is a small sandy beach and plenty of beaches along the docks to enjoy one of the best sunsets in Milos. You’ll also find a delicious seafood restaurant along the water with front row seats to a stunning evening sunset. 

Tips for visiting Klima

  • The road to the beach is very narrow and steep, so take the turns slowly. If you’re not used to driving a manual car, make sure to practice a bit before taking on this road. 
  • Book a reservation for dinner at Astakas for a sunset view. 
Klima, a small fishing village, at sunset
Klima, a small fishing village, at sunset


A visit to Madrakia should be on any itinerary for a trip to Milos, Greece. This charming 

At the top of the parking lot you’ll find a small path on the left hand side. This steep, but short, dirt path leads to a small and secluded beach. We visited for a few hours one morning and had the beach to ourselves the entire time. 

Tips for visiting Mandrakia

  • If you 
  • Book a table at Medusa for lunch – make sure to order the local fried cheese and the fried calamari. If possible, try to get a table by the water. And be sure to head down the steps afterwards to see the local octupus drying out in the sun. 

Papafragas Caves

A small sandy beach enclosed in the rocky caves. A beautiful spot for swimming and exploring, just up the road from the lovely town of Pollonia on the northern coast of Milos.

The path from the main parking lot (to the right of the caves) is no longer accessible. The steep path has been locked off for safety reasons. However, the views from the top are still spectacular.

However, if you park to the left of the caves, you’ll find a small path down to an area when you can lay out on the rocks and have a swim. 

There is minimal protection from the winds here so I would not recommend this beach on windy days.


This sandy beach in southeast Milos holds a big place in my heart because although it is less popular than the other Milos beaches, it is the village where we were based for our week in Milos. Paleochori, or Paliochori, offers fun and relaxation for the whole family. The calm waters and protection from the intense winds of Milos make it a great, family friendly option.

It is both an organized and unorganized beach. You’ll find two different restaurants offering sunbeds, bean bags, and umbrellas for daily rental. There are also stretches of beach that are unorganized, where you can simply lay out your towel and soak up the sun. In this case I’d recommend you bring your own umbrella, because the sun on Milos can be intense.

Firopotamos Beach

Just down the road from Mandrakia you’ll find the cove of Firopotamos Beach. While the sandy beach here isn’t as long as other beaches in Milos, the water is some of the bluest I have ever seen. Head left from the parking lot from the path and you’ll quickly find the stretch of sand.

If you head straight down from the small parking lot you’ll find a few guesthouses and small pathways that lead to the water. Head this was for the most picturesque views! You’ll even find a popular cliff jumping spot as you head to the far end!

Firopotamos beach
Mandrakia, Milos

Tsigrado Beach

Another gem of a beach on Milos, Tsigrado is a small beach. In order to reach the beach you’ll need to hike down a ladder on the cliff side. It’s a beautiful little beach with crystal clear waters (this seems to be a theme on the Milos beaches). Once you’ve had your fill of swimming and sunbathing, be sure to explore the surrounding cliffs and caves for a bit of adventure.

If you’re not comfortable climbing down the ladder, it is still worth driving down for a great view from the top!

Make sure you visit on a sunny day. It can be quite cold on a windy or cloudy day with the coverage from the cliffs above. 

Tips for visiting Tsigrado Beach

  • Make sure to wear proper shoes for the climb up and down the ladder.
  • There are no beach chairs here so be sure to bring your own towel, water, and snacks.
  • If you’re visiting without a car, it is possible to walk to Tsigrado from Firiplaka Beach, where the local bus drops off. 


Kleftiko is more of a cave-like swimming spot than a beach, but it is one of the most popular things to do on Milos nevertheless. What was once a private hideout for privates, is now a popular boat tour destination. 

Kleftiko is only accessible by boat, so you will need to book a full or half-day boat tour if you’re looking to explore this iconic swimming spot. There aren’t any facilities, so everything you need to enjoy an afternoon of swimming and snorkeling will be provided by your boat operator. 

Pollonia Beach

Head all the way to the northeast tip of Milos and you’ll find the charming seaside village of Pollonia. Pollonia beach offers a long stretch of sandy beach with ample shady areas, plus tons of restaurants and cafes just a few minute walk away. The proximity to all of your vacation amenities makes Pollonia beach and great option for a full day in the sun.

Unlike many of the other beaches in Milos that we’ve covered on this list, you won’t need to go down a steep or winding road to get to Pollonia beach, as the beach is located right in the village.

There is a small port in Pollonia, so if you are based in Pollonia during your vacation, you can easily island hop to some of the small islands nearby.

Tips for visiting Pollonia Beach

  • Make sure to stop by Kivotos ton Gefseon for a pasty before (or in the middle of) your day in the sun. The mini ice cream bars are a nice treat as well!

Other beaches on Milos

Despite spending a full week exploring the many corners of Milos and its wonderful beaches, there were still so many Milos beaches that we didn’t get a chance to check out. When, not if, I return to the magical island of Milos, here are some other beaches that I’d like to check out:

  • Agia Kiriaki Beach
  • Alogomandra Beach
  • Thiorichia Beach
girl posing over mandrakia
You’ll find picturesque spots at every turn in Milos!
girl looking over mandrakia
Book your car in advance to explore all of the best beaches in Milos

Where to stay in Milos

When I first started planning my week in Milos, the decision of where to stay was definitely the hardest choice to make. After spending a week on the island I’ve concluded that there is quite literally no bad area to stay in, as long as you have a car, ATV, or scooter to get around the island. Here are a few options to check out:

  • Adamas – Centrally located by the port, Adamas is a great option giving you easy access to beaches, restaurants, and shops. It is an ideal jumping off point, especially if you’re traveling the island by local transportation. There are also a range of accommodation options, with more budget-friendly options available.
  • Paliochori – We chose to stay in a less-known part of the island, Paleochori (or Paliochori) and it was incredible. Our little house on the hill had unreal views of the water, there was a small sandy beach, a few restaurants, and no crowds. And this was only a 15 minute drive from the main town! While it is possible to visit this area by bus, I would definitely recommend renting a car. 
  • Plaka – easily the cutest village on the island, filled with narrow streets and panoramic views. Staying in Plaka you’ll be just a short drive from many of the famous beaches, and will be rewarded with a daily sunset in one of the best parts of town. Driving in Plaka can be a bit challenging if you aren’t used to the narrow roads, so I would recommend parking just outside of the village. 
  • Firopotamos – if you’re looking for a beachfront property with the most iconic views, then a small apartment in Firopotamos is the place for you.

Here are some great options to check out, for any budget:

Budget: Hotel Apartments Giannis

Mid-Range: Arco Solium Suites

Luxury: Hotel Milos Sea Resort

Where we stayed: Chryssa’s studio

What to pack for a beach vacation in Milos, Greece

  • Lightweight clothing: assuming you’re planning to visit Milos during the summer months, you should be sure to pack the summer essentials – shorts, sundresses, and swimsuits.
  • Sunscreen: Protect your skin from the strong Mediterranean sun with a high SPF sunscreen. If you’re not checking a bag, you can easily pick up more sunscreen from AB.
  • Beach essentials: a travel beach towel, sandals, and a good hat.
  • Travel adapter: Greece uses the European standard Type C and Type F plugs, so bring a travel adapter to charge your electronic devices.
  • Camera: Did you really go to Greece if you didn’t capture it in all its beauty? Be sure to pack your camera to get the best shots!
  • Light jacket: While Milos tends be warm, it is also known for its wind. I recommend packing a light jacket or sweatshirt to keep warm on windy days and chilly nights.

Remember to check the weather forecast before your trip to tailor your packing list accordingly. Enjoy your vacation on the beautiful island of Milos!

So, whether you’re seeking a peaceful beach vacation or a beach hopping adventure, you’ll find it all on the Milos beaches. With 80+ unique beaches, this Greek island truly offers something for everyone. From the iconic Sarakiniko with its moon-like landscape to the golden sands of Firiplaka, you’re sure to find a spot to lay your town. So pack your beach towel, lather on some sunscreen (50 spf), and get ready to create unforgettable memories on the shores of Milos. Your perfect beach paradise awaits!


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