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A Bali itinerary is not complete without a Mt Batur sunrise hike. This post will not only convince you that it is a must-do activity, but everything you need to know about planning and enjoying a fun morning.

Mt. Batur is 5,600 ft active volcano located in East Bali, Indonesia. Mt. Batur is located approximately an hour and a half from the tourist haven of Ubud, and about an hour from Sideman. From the top of Mt. Batur you will have the chance to experience one of the most beautiful sunrises.

What you need to know about the Mt. Batur sunrise hike in Bali #bali
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Mt. Batur Sunrise Hike

Okay so I know that waking up at 1:30am on vacation isn’t everyone’s definition of a good time, but I would be depriving you of one of my absolute favorite activities in Bali if I didn’t tell you all about it. Hiking to Mt. Batur at sunrise is a Bali experience that should not be missed.

If you are going to do the Mt. Batur sunrise hike then I highly recommend booking a small group tour. While you can definitely arrange your own transport to the trailhead, you are forbidden to hike up without a guide. This can result in some pretty hefty fines. I have hiked Mt Batur a number of times, but most recently I went with Sunshine Tours and couldn’t have been happier. We coordinated everything over WhatsApp (+62 878-8904-6155) and paid on arrival. The tour starts at 2am (yes, you read that correctly) and returns to Ubud around 10am. For 370,000 IDR/person ($26 USD/person) it includes an early morning pick up, a packed breakfast, water, flashlights, and a guide. What I love about this particular tour operator is that they don’t push you to visit tourist traps, such as the luwak coffee plantations or the overcrowded hot springs after the hike. It is not possible to climb without a guide, so be sure to book one ahead of time. And let him know that Taylor sent you!

What you need to know about the Mt. Batur sunrise hike in Bali #bali

How Difficult is it to Hike Mt. Batur?

The Mt. Batur volcano hike is moderately difficult. While most of the hike is at a relatively steep incline, it is not particularly long. You will need a base level of fitness to complete the hike, but it can definitely be done by most. There are a lot of loose rocks on the path, so it is important to wear proper shoes. This can be tricky when hiking in the pitch black darkness, with only a dim flashlight for support. If possible, I recommend a higher hiking boot for more ankle support.

How Long Does it Take do the Mt. Batur Sunrise Hike?

The hike to Mt Batur at sunrise takes approximately 1.5-2 hours. I definitely recommend getting an early start, to ensure that you make it to the peak with plenty of time to enjoy the sunrise. This is one of the more touristy hikes in Bali, which means that you will definitely find a number of other tourists on the trail. This can slow you down a bit, as you may get stuck behind other hikers along the way. This does not, however, take away from the magic of watching the sun rise from the top of Mt. Batur.

The sense of accomplishment, as you sit in silence on the top of the chilly volcano, nibbling on the mediocre packed breakfast, is one like no other. With a view this incredible, it is easy to forget about the other hikers around you. This is by far one of my favorite experiences in Bali, and one that is well worth the early morning adventure.

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What to Pack

Because the hike has become so popular among tourists, many show up unprepared for the somewhat difficult hike ahead of them. Here are a few things that I would definitely pack:

Proper Shoes – Be sure to wear proper sneakers or hiking boots. My first time I hiked up Mt Batur at sunrise was in Converse, and it definitely wasn’t ideal! I’ve also seen plenty of tourists heading up in flip flops or sandal, which I definitely wouldn’t recommend.

Snacks/Water – most tour companies include a breakfast and a bottle of water, but I’d recommend packing some extra.

Layers – It is super chilly in the morning at the peak, especially since the the sun won’t be up yet when arrive at the top. I’d recommend some sort of thick layer, with a windproof shell.

Cash – most companies require you to pay in cash, so plan accordingly. Additionally, you’ll want to bring along some extra cash to tip your guide/driver.

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What you need to know about the Mt. Batur sunrise hike in Bali
What you need to know about the Mt. Batur sunrise hike in Bali


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