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If you’re visiting North Bali, a trip to the Munduk waterfalls is a must. The three Munduk waterfalls are located relatively close together, making them a great North Bali waterfalls day trip. Although each of the waterfalls have their own name, the waterfalls are located so near to one another that they entire set is often referred to as the Munduk waterfalls.  These waterfalls are some of lesser known falls in Bali, so you often have the entire fall to yourself!

girl in red dress at Melanting Waterfall in Munduk

What to Pack for Visiting Munduk Waterfalls

  • Hiking shoes – The path can be quite muddy and wet, especially on the steps leading down to the falls. It is important to wear proper shoes to avoid any injuries.
  • Sunscreen – The sun in Bali is strong, and there is not a ton of protection from the sun in between the falls.
  • Bug spray – It can be quite buggy in this area, especially right after the rainy season. I recommend packing a bottle of bug spray to protect yourself from any unwanted bites or illnesses.
  • Camera – These waterfalls are truly impressive, and a great opportunity to snap some photos. If you’re looking for a good starter camera, I highly recommend the Sony a600.
  • Map – As I mentioned above, the trail between the falls can be a bit confusing. Bring along a map so that you know where you are headed!
  • Water/Snacks – There are a few basic restaurants on the trail trail between the falls, but I always recommend bringing some of your own snacks and water just in case. I always pack at least one full reusable Vapur water bottle.
girl in white bikini at red coral munduk waterfalls

How to Get to Munduk Waterfalls

The Munduk waterfalls trailhead is about a five minute drive from the Munduk village. Munduk is located about an hour and a half North of Ubud, and two hours of Canggu.

If you’re staying at  Munduk Moding Plantation, the hotel offers a complimentary shuttle to the waterfall for guests.

If you are arriving with a driver, then I’d recommend having him/her drop you on the main road above the main Munduk Waterfall, and from there you can continue on to the next falls and eventually end up in Munduk Village. Along the way you can stop at a number of other falls.

If you are navigating yourself by scooter, I recommend searching Munduk Waterfalls Parking Lot on Google Maps. When you arrive at the parking lot there is a 2,000 IDR parking fee.

Continue down a large hill for approximately 15 minutes towards the waterfall entrance on the right and you will come across the most popular of the waterfalls in the area. You’ll come to a small bamboo bridge. Cross the bridge and you’ve arrived at the first waterfall. You’ll see a single stream of water flowing from high above.

girl in red dress at Melanting Waterfall in Munduk

How Much Does it Cost to Visit the Munduk Waterfalls?

Each waterfall of the set of three has an entrance fee of between 10,000-20,000 IDR per person. 20,000 IDR is equal to less than $1.50 USD, so it’s a perfect adventure if you’re visiting Bali on a budget. Only cash is accepted, so make sure to have some small bills ready to pay.

If you arrive by scooter, parking costs 2,000 IDR a bike.

girl in white dress at red coral munduk waterfalls

What to Expect

It takes approximately 3 hours to visit the the three main waterfalls in this area, with a decent amount of hiking between each them. There is a decent amount of up and downs, both to get to the waterfalls themselves, and in between the falls. Make sure to grab a map of the area as well, as the paths can be a bit confusing at times. There isn’t a ton of signage on the trails, so it’s good to have a map to follow along. However it is not necessary to book a guide or travel on a tour to visit.

To be completely transparent, the names of the waterfalls is totally confusing! The good news, is that you can continue along a single path to reach all of them. I recommend This trek is best done by starting at Munduk Waterfall, otherwise known as the Red Coral Waterfall, and making your way to Melanting Waterfall. Here is a list of all of the waterfalls in the area:

  • Munduk (Red Coral) Waterfall
  • Golden Valley Waterfall
  • Labuhan Kebo Waterfall
  • Melanting Waterfall

The Best Time to Visit

In general, the best time to travel to Bali during the dry season, however there are also some perks to visiting during the Bali rainy season. The dry season typically lasts from April and October, with the outer months experiencing a bit more rain. Due to the higher altitude of the Munduk area, you’ll find that the climate here is a bit cooler than other parts of Bali.

I recommend visiting the falls after an early morning trip to Ulun Danu.

Where to Stay Near Munduk Waterfalls

I recommend spending at least a night or two in Munduk. There are plenty of affordable guesthouses in Munduk village, however I recommend splurging on at least one night at  Munduk Moding Plantation This mountain side hotel is truly a magical Balinese experience.

girl at sunrise at munduk moding plantation infinity pool


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