Must Try Portuguese Dishes in Porto

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There are so many amazing dishes in Porto, that your taste buds will be buzzing throughout your trip. Here are a few of the must try Portuguese dishes that definitely shouldn’t be missed!

A List of the Must-Try Portuguese Dishes in Porto

Pastel de Nata 

Although traditionally from Belem, a town just outside of Lisbon, the pastel de nata in Porto are still absolutely incredible.

Tomato Rice

This simple dish is just as it sounds, rice with tomato sauce! Despite its simplicity, this dish packs a bunch of flavor and is the perfect accompaniment for a fish dish.

Bolinhos de Bacalhau

These cod fritters or pastries are a must while in Porto! Honestly, you just need to eat all of the cod while in Porto! The fish is fresh and typically served fried in small balls or patties.


Quite literally named “the little French girl” the Francesicna sandwich is probably the most famous dish in Porto. Made up of bread, cheese, and meat (or vegetables) fried and served in a beer-based sauce. Order a side of fries to soak up all of the great sauce. Each restaurant makes their own special sauce, so the dish will differ greatly depending on where you eat it. 


Octopus is definitely one of the must try foods in Porto! Often grilled and served with sauteed onions, octopus is a staple on most Portuguese dinner tables.

Broa de Avintes

This typical dense, dark bread is served all over city and is definitely one of the must eat foods in Porto! Many restaurants will offer this bread as a starter before the meal, along with some olives and butter spreads.

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