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Nature by Canus: All-Natural Travel Products

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Today I will be sharing one of my new favorite travel products: Nature by Canus soap bars. All of the Nature by Canus products are made from goat’s milk. As I get older it becomes more and more important to me to shop ethically responsible brands, that have a positive impact on the environment. Not to mention, these leave my skin feeling super soft and silky.

When I travel, I try to avoid packing liquids as much as possible. I just about never check a bag, so these liquid products would need to be under 3oz anyway. However, even these small bottles always find a way to leak in my bag, no matter how secure the caps are. For this reason, I’ve switched to using a lot of bar products when traveling, including bar shampoo, conditioner, and soap.

nature by canus goat milk soaps

We’re at a moment in history right now where our society is using an unprecedented amount of hand sanitizer. While I’m all about killing the germs, it so important that we treat our skin well.

Nature by Canus Products: Soap Bars

All of the soaps in the collection are biodegradable, made with a vegetal base from a certified sustainable plantation. Plus, none of the products are tested on animals. The goat milk products not only feel amazing, but have tons of added benefits, including moisturizing fatty acids and minerals. The soap bars come in four different scents, including Lavender, Original Formula, Shea Butter, and Fragrance-Free. My personal favorite is definitely the Lavender scent, but I’m a sucker for lavender.

I find that soap bars are so many easier to travel with, especially if I’m using a soap holder. One thing that I love about the Canus products is that they are ethically made, making them a safe, responsible product to travel with.

nature by canus goat milk soap

Nature by Canus: Lotion

I know that I just mentioned that I don’t like to travel with liquids, but post-travel care is still just as important. Whenever I fly, especially on long-haul flights, my skin is gets super super dry. Nature by Canus offers all natural body lotions that are perfect for hydrating after a long flight! Although I’m not traveling at the moment, I’ve been staying up in the Adirondacks in Upstate New York. The climate is up here is way drier than my skin is used to, coming from humid NYC, so this Nature by Canus lotion works absolute wonders.

nature by canus goat milk lotion

All of the Nature by Canus products are super affordable, so you won’t be breaking the bank with this purchase. You can purchase their entire line, as well as their other brands, on their website. Of course, these products are great any day, not just when you are on the go. So whether you’re preparing for a future trip, or practicing some self-love at home, a bar of Nature by Canus soap should definitely be on your next shopping list.

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nature by canus soaps and lotions

nature by canus soaps

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