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Looking for where to stay in San Pancho? I’ve got you covered with a list of the best San Pancho hotels and airbnbs for your next stay. But first? Where the heck is San Pancho?

We decided to kick off our 2022 adventures with a few weeks in San Pancho (San Francisco), Nayarit. San Pancho is an eco-conscious community where you’ll find way more long-term visitors and expats than your typical tourists here. One thing that struck me when I first arrived in San Pancho is that everyone seems to know one another, locals and visitors alike. There is a lot of creative spirit in San Pancho. From artists to musicians. You’ll find beautiful murals hand painted all across the town. And there are adorable dogs everywhere.

Read on to find out where to stay in San Pancho, Nayarit.

Where to stay in San Pancho (San Pancho Hotels and Airbnbs)

There are a ton of amazing options of places to stay in San Pancho. Airbnbs and hotels tend to book up during the busy season, so I recommend booking in advance if possible! 

During our two weeks in San Pancho, we had the opportunity to stay at four different places, a combination of hotels and airbnbs. Each property was amazing and offered a different taste of this boho beach town. Before I dive into my favorite properties, there are a few things to consider when booking your accommodation in San Pancho.


 San Pancho is a super walkable town so nothing is too far of a walk, however there are definitely some hills. This is something to consider when picking a place to stay. Some are also considerably closer to the beach, but in exchange can be a bit loud at they are right in the main center. However, no matter where you are, the roosters are always up before the sun for an early wake up call. 


We were working remotely throughout our time in San Pancho so it was extremely important to us that our accommodation had strong, reliable WiFi. Compared to just a few years ago, the WiFi and cell service is rumored to have improved quite a bit, but it can still be quite spotty. I had perfect cell service while in Sayulita, but in San Pancho I rarely had any service at all. 

Marii Hotel Costero

We had the opportunity to spend 2 days at Marii Hotel Costero and it was nothing short of perfect. If there one word to describe my time at Marii Hotel Costero it would be peaceful. There is such an amazing feeling of stillness and peace when in the space. While San Pancho is more laid back than other nearby areas, it can still be loud and busy. Stepping in Marii Hotel you are immediately removed from all of the noise, from all of the chaos. Marii Hotel is truly a slice of paradise in San Pancho.

plunge pool at marii hotel san pancho
jungle bed at marii hotel san pancho

There are eight rooms on the property, that surround a small plunge pool. Six of the rooms fit two guests, with two larger suites available that fit up to four guests. Because of this you, even when all of the rooms are booked (max occupancy of 20 guests), it never feels super packed or chaotic. 

In every room at Marii Hotel you can expect to find the following:

  • Comfy, king-sized bed
  • Air conditioning
  • Terrace in front to hand out
  • Coffee maker
  • Bar shampoo and soap

One aspect of Marii Hotel that makes it so special is their dedication to sustainable practices. In the room you’ll find simple bar soap and bar shampoo, with no single-use plastic in sight! I personally always travel with shampoo bars rather than liquid shampoo, so I loved seeing this from a hotel! 

Check out the current rates and availability here.

Betsy’s Airbnb 

We spent a total of 10 days at Betsy’s property throughout our time in San Pancho and it truly felt like home by the end of our stay. We stayed in two different rooms throughout our time, but if you have the opportunity to, I definitely recommend booking the  ‘Sol’ room. The room is super spacious, the views are incredible, and the massive balcony is the perfect place to hang out at any time of day. 

Betsy herself is a great host, quick to provide local recommendations, or go the extra mile for her guests. 
While we always felt super safe while in San Pancho, the locked doors to get onto the property made us feel extra safe and relaxed. 

betsys airbnb in san pancho

All of the rooms have a coffee maker and fridge, with a full kitchen set up available in only one of the rooms, which we did not stay in. While the ability to cook would have been the cherry on top of our stay here, the dining options in San Pancho are so vast and amazing that we didn’t mind. 

betsys airbnb san pancho bedroom
The cutest airbnb in San Pancho
view from the bed at san panchos best airbnb
Watching sunrise from bed at Betsy’s airbnb

The wifi here was the strongest that we found while in San Pancho.

One thing to call out about this property is that it is up a very large hill. Although it can be reached from the center of town in less than 10 minutes, the steep hill is a killer. But with it comes great sunrise and sunset views from the balcony or rooftop deck! 

Check out the current rates and availability here.

san pancho best airbnb jungle shower
san pancho best airbnb outdoor shower

Loft Airbnb

The Loft Airbnb was a nice switch up after staying at Betsy’s as it is located at the bottom of the hill, rather than the top of the hill.

My favorite amenity is the full outdoor kitchen, perfect for cooking breakfast and my morning matcha.

It was a bit nosier at night, but the street itself is still quite quiet considering the proximity to town, just 2 blocks from the main town.

If you are planning to work here, note that the WiFi is strong but unstable. It went out frequently throughout our stay, so we ended up working from a nearby cafe instead.

the loft airbnb in san pancho kitchen
Outdoor kitchen setup in San Pancho airbnb
the loft airbnb in san pancho bedroom
Bedroom at The Loft airbnb

Hotel Cielo Rojo

You don’t have to spend long in San Pancho to see signs and references to Hotel Cielo Rojo. As the oldest hotel in San Pancho, it is a classic establishment in this sleepy surf town. Located right in the center of town, the location is perfect for exploring all that San Pancho has to offer.

The decor is traditional, with hand painted ceramics, and local art pieces. One of my favorite touches is the small bottle of tequila, with just enough for one shot per guest.

bedroom decor at hotel cielo rojo mexico
Hotel Cielo Rojo bedroom decor
beautiful bathroom sink at hotel cielo rojo in san pancho
Beautiful bathroom sink at Hotel Cielo Rojo

The Restaurant at Hotel Cielo Rojo: Bistro Organico

Located within the hotel, Bistro Organico is a plant and seafood restaurant open for all three meals of the day. This spot is seriously a hidden gem. I think my favorite part is the beautiful ambiance, but the food is just as good! Their dedication to sourcing sustainable, delicious products is clear through their menu, making it one of my favorite restaurants in San Pancho.

What to order: pancakes for breakfast, grilled octopus for dinner

Check out the current rates and availability here.

Hotel Cielo Rojo: Bistro Organico
Hotel Cielo Rojo: Bistro Organico
Breakfast at Hotel Cielo Rojo
Breakfast at Hotel Cielo Rojo

What to do in San Pancho

  • Take a yoga class
  • Enjoy the beautiful beaches
  • Appreciate the famous San Pancho sunsets
  • Enjoy San Pancho’s amazing restaurant and bar scene
  • Go for a surf (or take a lesson)
  • Spend the day at the beach club

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