Tip: Stop by at sunrise for a magical reflection of the mountains on the water

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Schwabacher Landing is easily one of the most beautiful places that I’ve ever visited. It is definitely one of the most iconic spots to visit in all of the US. The jagged peak of the mountain reflected on the still water. The calmness as the sun rises, with wildlife slowly walking by. If you are visiting Grand Teton National Park, a visit to Schwabacher Landing is an absolute must on your Grand Teton itinerary

early morning at schwabacher landing
Schwabacher Landing at sunrise

Where is Schwabacher Landing located?

Schwabacher Landing is located along Snake River in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. It is located 16 miles north of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. As you’re driving along I-89, you’ll see a small wooden sign on the left hand of the road. Turn left of the main road and follow the dirt path down to the parking lot. 

girl in blue dress in front of teton mountains
Schwabacher Landing at midday

Getting to Grand Teton National Park

There are a number of airports relatively close to Grand Teton. The closest, however, is Jackson Hole, which is actually located within the park! Flying into the park is obviously as easy as it gets. However, if that isn’t a possibility for you then I recommend the following airports:

  • Idaho Falls (2 hours west)
  • Salt Lake City (5 hours south)
  • Bozeman (3.6 hours north)

Grand Teton Park Fee

There is a fee of $35 to enter the park. If you plan on spending multiple days in the park, or visiting any of the nearby parks, such as Yellowstone or Glacier National Park, I recommend purchasing the America the Beautiful Pass. The pass costs $80 and gives you unlimited access to any U.S. National Park for an entire year. 

visiting schwabacher landing by campervan
Visiting Schwabacher Landing by campervan

When to visit Schwabacher Landing 

Best time of day to visit 

Although this spot is beautiful at any time of day, sunrise is definitely the most magical time to visit. The sunrise will create the perfect reflection of the mountain over the water, which is a sight you don’t want to miss! However, Schwabacher Landing is beautiful at any hour so even if you can’t make it for sunrise, don’t skip it! We came back here multiple times, including the middle of the afternoon!

It has become quite popular with photographers (think full telephoto lens and tripods), so I recommend arriving before the sun rises. This will also ensure that you snag a spot in the parking lot. 

schwabacher landing at sunrise
Reflection of Teton Mountains at Schwabacher Landing

Best time of year to visit 

Summer and fall are by far the best times to visit Schwabacher Landing. During the summer the spot can become too crowded to properly enjoy. In winter, many access roads to the park are not available.

Tips for visiting Schwabacher Landing 

  • Schwabacher Landing is super accessible, as there is no hike-in required to reach the viewing point. It is just a quick 2 minute walk down to the perfect sunrise spot from the car park.This also means that it can get quite crowded. 
  • There is a restroom and garbage cans in the parking lot. 
  • There is tons of wildlife in the park, and Schwabacher Landing is a popular viewing spot. This ranges from grizzly bears and elk to deer and moose. For the safety of the animals and yourself, please always keep a safe distance from any wild animals. Never leave food unattended, and use designated bear storage for food when camping. 

Things to do at Schwabacher Landing 

In addition to viewing the iconic mountain reflection, there is also a 4-mile hiking trail along Snake River that offers some of the best views of the Teton Mountains.

schwabacher landing at midday
Hiking trails at Schwabacher Landing

My Packing Picks for Schwabacher Landing

Other places to visit in Grand Tetons 

Jenny Lake 

Jenny Lake is a classic Teton lake. You have a few options on how to visit Jenny Lake, depending on how much time you have. If you’re tight on time, I recommend doing a quick driving loop around Jenny Lake scenic drive which is just 3 miles. This will give you a taste of the lake. If you have a bit more time, then you can either hike around to the other side of the lake, 2.3 miles each way, or take the boat shuttle across. Once you’ve reached the west side of the lake, you’ll be able hike a short distance to visit the popular sites of Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. Hidden Falls can be reached within 0.5 miles, with Inspiration Point just another 0.5 miles after that. 

Mormon Row

Mormon Row is a historic district within Grand Teton National Park. These houses at Mormon Row are a popular sunrise photo spot, when the mountains in the background are lit up by the sun. To get to Mormon Row you will want to head north from the south entrance of the park on highway 191 and turn right onto Antelope Flats Road. Follow Antelope Flats Road for approximately one mile and half until you reach the parking lot.

girl at delta lake tetons hike
Other great spots in Grand Teton: Delta Lake hike

Delta Lake 

Delta Lake Tetons hike was easily my favorite lake hike in the park, if not a close tie with Schwabacher Landing. This hike is definitely not for the faint of heart, as it is over 9 miles, with an elevation gain of over 2,000 ft to reach a crystal blue lake sitting at 9,000 ft. The hike starts at the Lupine Meadows Trailhead, where you with follow the Amphitheater Lake Trail until you see a small ladder on the right hand side, about 3.5 miles into the hike. This will take you on an unmaintained trail over rocks and logs to one of the most beautiful lakes that you’ve ever seen.

campervan in front of teton mountains
Exploring Grand Tetons with Native Campervan

Where to Stay near Schwabacher Landing

Camping in the Tetons

We visited the Tetons with a camper van, so we camped within the park. All of the campgrounds in the Tetons are first-come, first-serve, so you’ll want to make sure that you arrive early. Jenny Lake Campground is the most popular, and campers typically start lining up as early as 5am so secure a spot. If you aren’t looking to get up quite so early, I recommend checking out Gros Venture Campground. While Gros Venture Campground is not quite as central as Jenny Lake Campground, it typically doesn’t fill up until a few hours later. You can check out the latest fill times online, but remember that you’ll want to arrive at least an hour before that fill time as there will most likely me a line.

view of schwabacher landing from campervan
Sunrise view at Schwabacher Landing

At any of the campgrounds you’ll find dump stations, fresh water, fire pits, and restrooms. The typical rate for any of the sites in the park is $33/night. 

If you’re planning to camp in the park, you can find showers at the Signal Mountain lodge. Showers cost $6 for 7 mins, with an additional 70 seconds added with each dollar after that. The showers are located on the right-hand side, directly after pulling off of the main road. You’ll want to head into the laundry room to the right of the showers to purchase tokens.

Staying at a Lodge in Grand Teton

There are a number of lodges that you can stay at within the park, including the Jackson Lake Lodge and the Jenny Lake Lodge. You can find more information on the different lodge options here. The lodges are only open during the peak seasons and rates tend to me quite high, starting at about $350/night.

Where to Stay Outside of the Park

If you want to stay outside of the park, then your best bet is to check out accommodations in either Teton Village or Jackson. Both of these areas have easy access to tons of shops, restaurants, and bars, plus they are close to the park.

If you stay in Jackson, or are driving through, I recommend checking out Snake River Brewing for a beer and some good food!

A note on altitude sickness in the Grand Tetons:

Please make sure to always listen to your  body. While I was in rather good shape when completing the hike, so I didn’t find it quite as difficult as some of the other hikers on the trail, I was greatly affected by the change in altitude. If you’re accustomed to living or traveling at higher altitudes, this may not affect you as much. However, when I reached the top I experienced all of the tell-tale signs of altitude sickness, from nausea and vomiting to dizziness and difficulty breathing. If you are experiencing similar symptoms, make sure to listen to your body and descend. 

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