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We recently wrapped up a 10 day road trip through Slovenia and all I can say is WOW! I knew that I would love Slovenia, but I didn’t realize just how much I would fall in love with this beautiful country. Slovenia is easily one of the most underrated European destinations, especially for those that love the outdoors. 

Striking blue rivers, snow-capped peaks, endless hiking trails and mountain huts, cows roaming on green pastures – just a few of the features that make Slovenia so special.

I have put together what I think is a perfect 1 week Slovenia road trip for your first visit. 

A few disclaimers on this itinerary. This is MY perfect road trip. Some might argue, for example, that it doesn’t make sense to go to Ljubljana in between Bovec and Lake Bohinj because it is a bit out of the way. Personally I love alternating between city and outdoor adventures. After two nights camping in Bovec, it’s nice to have a fun little city escape if you plan on camping again in Lake Bohinj. You might also want to move around a bit more, for example one night in Lake Bled and one night in Lake Bohinj. I personally prefer to have a bit more of a base.


  • Days 1-2: Bovec 
  • Day 3: Ljubljana 
  • Days 4-5: Lake Bohinj 
  • Days 6-7: Logar Valley or Zgornje Jezersko

Prepare for your trip to Slovenia:

How to get to Slovenia 

As of today, there are no direct flights from the US to Slovenia. In fact, even connecting flights can be a bit of a pain. Rather than connecting through a different European country, I would recommend flying into Venice, Italy instead. Not only with this be a cheaper fight, but car rentals out of Venice tend to be cheaper than out of Ljubljana. From the Venice airport it is only a 2 hour 15 minute drive to your first stop on the itinerary: Bovec.

Another option would be to fly into an airport in Austria, and do this itinerary in reverse. 

Renting a car in Slovenia

If you are renting a car in Italy and planning to drive to Slovenia, make sure to double-check with the car rental agency ahead of time that 1) this is allowed and 2) there are no extra fees. We booked with Avis/Budget out of Venice Airport (after a car rental mishap) and border crossings were allowed at no extra cost. 

Secondly, if you are picking up your car outside of Slovenia, you need to make sure that you purchase a Slovenian vignette. This will allow you to drive on Slovenian highways.

Without a valid vignette you can get hit with some hefty fines, so it is important that your Slovenian vignette is valid as soon as your cross the border into the country. These can purchased online at the official website. Be careful to not get scammed by a fake vignette page.

Previously it was possible to purchase physical vignette, but this process has been digitalized so the vignettes are now e-vignettes only. 

Days 1-2 Bovec (Soča River Valley)

Your one week Slovenia road trip will start in the beautiful town of Bovec, located in the famous Soča River Valley. This might just be my favorite part of Slovenia. We visited in late April and absolutely fell in love, even visiting a bit off-season.

Soča River, Slovenia
Soča River, Slovenia
Mountain views in the Soča River Valley
Mountain views in the Soča River Valley

Once you’ve arrived in Bovec, you can take some time settling in to your campsite or guesthouse. If you are planning to camp, then I highly recommend Camp Liza. This beautiful campground is surrounded by mountain peaks in all directions. You’ll find tent sites, RV/van sites and glamping and guesthouses available. 

Camping Liza

At the campsite you’ll have access to a restaurant/bar, bathrooms with hot showers, and free WiFi. Unlike other campgrounds in Slovenia, it is possible to reserve your campsite in advance at Camp Liza. This is super convenient if you’re flying in from an international destination and not able to arrive super early to secure a site. 

The best part about Camp Liza campground is that you have direct access to the Soča River trail, specifically the 24th segment of the Alpe Adria trail. You can literally walk right out of the campground and be on the beautiful trail.

If camping and campgrounds aren’t your thing, that’s okay! You’ll find a number of guesthouses and small hotels in Bovec center, just up the road. Bovec, and the Soča River Valley, is an outdoor paradise, but I wouldn’t expect anything too fancy or luxurious here. 

Camp Liza (one of the best campgrounds in Slovenia)
Camp Liza (one of the best campgrounds in Slovenia)
Camping in Bovec at Camp Liza
Camping in Bovec at Camp Liza

Here are some things to do while in Bovec:

  • Hike the Soča River Trail, either as a one-way to Trenta or as an out-and-back to the Soča Gorge
  • Visit Boka Waterfall (Slap Boka) and Virje Waterfall (Slap Virje)
  • Enjoy a coffee or gelato in the charming town of Bovec
  • Go kayaking along the Soča River (I recommend joining a guided tour if you’re not experienced as the water is intense)
  • Go for a swim in the crystal blue waters of the river

As far as lodging goes in Bovec, I wouldn’t expect to find any fancy hotels. You’ll mostly find campsites and apartments to rent.

LODGING: Camp Liza (Budget), Apartments Wojcicky (Mid-Range), Apartments & wellness Kal Koritnica (Mid-Range)

The blue blue waters of Soča River
The blue blue waters of Soča River
Kayaking is a super popular activity along the Soča River
Kayaking is a super popular activity along the Soča River

Day 3 – Ljubljana

I love to breakup my outdoor adventures with a night in the city. In this case it is the lovely capital of Ljubljana. Alternatively, to save a little time in the car you could visit Lake Bohinj first and then Ljubljana, totally up to you!

We actually stayed in Lake Bohinj as a base, and visited Ljubljana as a day trip since it is only about an hour away by car, and we could get much nicer lodging in Lake Bohinj for the same price or less.

Regardless of what you do, a visit to Ljubljana is a must on your 1 week Slovenia road trip. It is a lovely city with great food, delicious (natural) wine, and some beautiful historical sites.

Here are a few things to check out while in Ljubljana:

  • Shop for fresh fruits and veggies and the local market
  • Enjoy local dumplings,štruklji at My Dumplings Of Slovenia
  • Hike or take the funicular up to Ljubljana Castle
  • Stroll through the old town (take a walk in the morning to avoid the crowds) and cross the famous Dragon Bridge
  • Buy local natural wine at Vinoteka Štorija, or enjoy a glass at Supernatural naked food and wine

LODGING: ibis Styles Ljubljana The Fuzzy Log (Budget), B&B Vila Teslov (Mid-Range), Urban Ring Hotel (Luxury)

Days 4-5 – Lake Bohinj

Our time on Lake Bohinj was definitely a highlight of our 1 week Slovenia road trip. We were originally meant to visit for just two nights camping, and ended up spending six nights in this beautiful area!

Lake Bohinj is an outdoor lover’s dream with hiking, camping, swimming, kayaking – all at your fingertips!

Hiking trails around Lake Bohinj
Hiking trails around Lake Bohinj
Hiking trails along Mostnica Gorge
Hiking trails along Mostnica Gorge

One of the first things to understand when deciding where to stay on Lake Bohinj is that there are 3 distinct villages surrounding the lake: Stara Fužina, Ukanc, Ribčev Laz. The next thing to understand is that all 3 of these villages are beautiful and you can’t really go wrong. 

  • Stara Fužina – close to many trailheads, restaurants and a market
  • Ukanc – quietest part of the lake, more guesthouses than hotels
  • Ribčev Laz – busiest area and entrance to the lake, lots of lodging options, restaurants, public transportation

We spent two nights camping at Camp Bohinj and four nights at the amazing vacation home, Apartma – Počitniška hiša Lodi. Camp Bohinj is in Ukanc on the west side, and our vacation home was in Ribčev Laz on the east side. Both were awesome!

Camping on Lake Bohinj
Camping on Lake Bohinj
Sunset on Lake Bohinj, Slovenia
Sunset on Lake Bohinj, Slovenia
Photo credit:

Apartma – Počitniška hiša Lodi

An incredible vacation home in Ribčev Laz. Can fit up to 9 people so it is perfect for families. Easy access to the lake and nearby hiking trails.

Check rates and availability

There is so much to do in Lake Bohinj, especially if you love to hike. You could easily spend your whole trip here and never get bored.

Here are the best things to do in Lake Bohinj:

  • Enjoy a traditional meal at Štrud’l Inn
  • Rent a kayak or SUP and enjoy watersports on the lake
  • Take a boat across the lake
  • Walk along the Lake Bohinj walking trails (they circle the entire 7.4 mile hike)
  • Hike the nearby trails (there are over 10,000km of hiking trails in Slovenia) – Mostnica Gorge, Slap Savica, Seven Lakes Valley Trail
  • Spend a night or two camping at Camp Bohinj
  • Take a day trip to Lake Bled (make sure to hike to the famous overlook)
  • Take the cable car to Vogel – an awesome viewpoint and the trailhead for a number of longer hikes

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LODGING: Camp Bohinj (Budget), Apartma – Počitniška hiša Lodi (Mid-Range), Hotel Jezero (Luxury)

Days 6-7 Logar Valley OR Zgornje Jezersko

For the last two nights of your trip I’m giving you a choice of the Logar Valley or Zgornje Jezersko. We had originally always planned to spend a last few nights directly in the Logar Valley, but ended up finding the coziest mountain chalet in Zgornje Jezersko on Airbnb. Both of these areas are located in the Kamnik Alps, and you can easily drive the the Solčav Panoramic Road over the mountain pass to visit the other.

Sadly when we visited in early May we were greeted with a (lot) of rain and chilly temps. In the summer months I imagine the area is much for lively, and the trails are much busier. Just a reason to go back!

Hiking trails in the Kamnik Alps, Slovenia
Hiking trails in the Kamnik Alps, Slovenia

Here are some things to do in the Kamnik Alps:

  • Admire the cows grazing in the pastures of the Logar Valley
  • Visit Slap Rika
  • Walk through the Logar Valley Trail 
  • Dine at Pension Kanonir in Jezersko, a restaurants that has been around for 100+ years
  • Drive the Solčava Panoramic Road
  • Enjoy a luxury stay at Hotel Plesnik in the heart of the Logar Valley
Photo credit:

Hotel Plesnik

A luxury hotel in the heart of the Logar Valley. Featuring a spa, outdoor pool and a delicious breakfast. Plus, unreal views of the valley.

Check rates and availability

There is a lot of amazing lodging in this area, but things do tend to be a bit pricier. We did pass some camping sites, but they weren’t open for the season yet so we weren’t able to check them out. Another reason to go back!

LODGING: Guesthouse Planinski Dom Majerhold (Mid-Range), Cozy mountain chalet (Mid-Range), Hotel Plesnik (Luxury)

Mountain chalet in Zgornje Jezersko
Views from our mountain chalet

Local Slovenian Dishes to Try

To be honest I wasn’t really sure what to expect of the Slovenian cuisine, but it completely took me by surprise. I found everything we enjoyed to be so delicious.

We are some local Slovenian dishes that you need to try:

  • Štruklji – dumplings
  • Sausage Kranj – local sausage
  • Jota – a traditional stew of cabbage, potatoes and bean. Sausage is often added.
  • Mohant and Bohinjski Sir – Bohinj cheeses
  • Ricet – rice and barley soup
  • Trout – local river trout
  • Mushroom soup
Štrud’l Inn
Štrud’l Inn
Pension Kanonir
Pension Kanonir

Tips for visiting Slovenia

  • Be tick aware – Slovenia has a lot of ticks, many of which carry tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme and tick-borne encephalitis. Prevent tick bites by wearing high socks and make sure to check to ticks daily.
  • Download offline maps – Pre-download maps as phone coverage is often limited. For hikes use Gaia or Strava for tracking.
  • Purchase your e-vignette – his will allow you to drive on Slovenian highways. Without a valid vignette you can get hit with some hefty fines, so it is important that your Slovenian vignette is valid as soon as your cross the border into the country. These can purchased online at the official website.
  • Research: there is tons of great information online about Slovenia’s many beautiful hikes and trails. is a great resource.

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