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So much of my journey as a travel blogger started with my insatiable love for travel. I always wanted to see more, explore more, and share all of my adventures with the people in my life. From here this blog and my Instagram account, @tavernatravels, were started. As I became more serious about sharing my travels, my photography skills and editing skills developed. Over time I created a set of Lifestyle and Travel Presets that I use to edit all of my photos, across all of my social platforms.

I have bundled up the exact Adobe Lightroom travel presets that I use, and they are available for sale as the World Explorer Preset Pack, for either Mobile or Desktop. I also sell single presets of my two more used travel presets: Jungle Greens and Bali Blues.

I spent years perfecting my own editing style, a way to make my photos pop and come to life on my feed, and I am so excited to be able to share them with all of you.

Each travel preset in this pack is inspired by one of the beautiful destinations that I have traveled to around the world – from my home in Brooklyn, NY to the mountains of Italy.

You can head over to my shop page to purchase, This post is a little preview of how each travel preset comes to life on my photos, so you can decide if this travel preset pack is right for you!

Keep reading to find out how each travel preset looks!

Bali Blues

The Bali Blues travel preset comes in two variations, warm and cool. The edits are super similar but the slight difference in temperature can make all the difference! This is my most used travel preset, as it is perfect for bringing photos with lots of blues to life!

As you can see in the example photo below, this was inspired by my time on Nusa Penida, a beautiful island just off the coast of Bali, Indonesia.

sample image of nusa penida for lightroom travel presets
bali blues travel preset for lightroom
After – Bali Blues Travel Preset

Jungle Greens

This preset was inspired by the jungles of Tulum, Mexico. When applied, the travel preset brings a more desaturated look to all of your jungle-y green shots.

Did you know that you can totally visit Tulum on a budget? I have an entire post outlining how to do just that!

sample image of girl with jungle vibes for lightroom travel presets
jungle greens travel preset for lightroom photo editing
After – Jungle Greens Travel Preset

Tulum Cenotes

This travel preset was designed specifically for the many cenotes of Tulum, Mexico. With slight pink hues, it helps bring out the crystal blue colors in the water. Pictured below is Gran Cenote, one of best Tulum Instagram spots.

sample image of tulum cenote for lightroom travel presets
tulum cenotes travel preset
After – Tulum Cenotes Travel Preset

Brooklyn Whites

Unlike my presets that were inspired by far away destinations, Brooklyn Whites was inspired by an AirBnb (The Funky Loft) that I stayed at, right by my own apartment in Brooklyn, NY. It works particularly well on indoor, or dark images.

sample image of girl in cool apartment for lightroom travel presets
brooklyn travel preset for photo editing in lightroom
After – Brooklyn Whites Travel Preset

Fall Colors

Every preset pack deserves a Fall preset. I also recommend shooting Fall photos quite dark, to help preserve as much of the color as possible. This preset is the perfect way to bring out all of those warm Fall tones.

sample image of fall park for lightroom travel presets
fall colors travel preset
After – Fall Colors Travel Preset


I visited Guanajuato City, Mexico in the summer of 2019 and it immediately stole my heart. It was only fair that I dedicated a travel preset to the bright, vibrant colors of this Mexican city.

sample image of colorful guanajuato for lightroom travel presets
guanajuato travel preset
After – Guanajuato Travel Preset


If you’ve been following my journey on Instagram at @tavernatravels, then you know that I absolutely fell in love with the Italian Dolomites region and have posted way too many photos from this trip. My Dolomites travel presets adds a good deal of warmth to a photo, so it is perfect for capturing these beautiful lakes.

sample image of a girl in the dolomites for lightroom travel presets
dolomites italy travel preset
After – Dolomites Travel Preset

Seceda Mountains

This travel preset is the perfect one-click edit for all of your mountain needs. It is a warmer preset, that really brightens up the photo.

sample image of a girl on a mountain for lightroom travel presets
seceda mountains travel preset
After – Seceda Mountains Travel Preset

Basic Preset

I call this one my basic preset because it works well on just about everything. It adds a bit of warmth and clarity to your photos, to make even your quick iPhone brunch shots pop! This is one of my favorite travel presets for quick, on-to-go edits.

sample image of smoothie bowl for lightroom travel presets
tavernatravels basic travel preset
After – Basic Travel Preset

NYC Brooklyn Bridge

Living super close to the Brooklyn Bridge, this is one of my travel presets that I use the most. It is perfect for brightening up your photos, without adding too much of a orange/yellow hue to wooden structures.

sample image for lightroom travel presets
brooklyn bridge travel preset
After – Brooklyn Bridge Travel Preset


Sometimes you just need something that is going to bring out all of the colors in your sunset shots, so they can do a better job of what you experienced in real life! The Sunset preset warms up your photos and exaggerates all those sunset colors. This works better on landscape only, as it can make people a bit too orange. One work-around is to use the brush tool to decrease the warmth and saturation of any people, while keeping the bright background.

sample image for lightroom travel presets
sunset travel lightroom photo preset
After – Sunset Travel Preset

Travel Presets FAQ:

What is a Lightroom Preset?

A preset is a photo filter than can be applied to your images for a cohesive, edited look. These presets are a great way to create flawless edits in just a few clicks. These are the same presets that I use on all of my photos on @tavernatravels.

What types of images will work with these Lightroom Desktop Travel Presets?

You can use both JPEG (iPhone photography) and RAW images for these presets. However, these presets will work best on RAW images!

How Do I Use These Presets?

In order to start using these presets you will need to first download the ZIP files onto a computer. From here you will need to upload your photos into the Adobe Lightroom app. You will need a subscription in order to use the Adobe Lightroom desktop. Once you purchase, you will receive a PDF with detailed step-by-step instructions on setting up your presets in Lightroom.

Do I need Lightroom to use these presets?

Yes, you will need to download Lightroom in order to use these presets. To use my Desktop presets, you will need to purchase the subscription to use the presets. Visit Adobe’s page here for more information. If you’d prefer to use the free Lightroom mobile app, you can purchase my Lightroom mobile presets instead. 

Do I need to know how to edit to use your presets?

Nope! Presets are a great way for beginners to get familiar with the Lightroom CC app. However, they are not all going to be one-click and you’re done. This is because every photo is different, and we all have different skin colors.

Here are a few easy tweaks that you may need to make after applying the travel presets to your photos:

Light: If your photo is too bright or washed, or too dark you can easily adjust the exposure. After turning down the exposure, you may also need to tweak the greens and yellows a bit if they look too faded for your liking.

  • Go to Light > Exposure. You can also adjust the other Light settings here. 
  • Go to Color > Mix > Select Green or Yellow > Adjust Luminance to lower (and maybe increase the Saturation)

Photo Quality: These presets are going to work best on RAW images and photos shot on DSLR cameras. However, they work well for iPhone JPG images as well. You may need to decrease the Exposure if you are using the preset on iPhone photos. 

Skin Tone: My goal is to allow these presets to work for a range of skin tones, but obviously everyone is different! The easiest way to fix a skin tone is to adjust the luminance of the orange tones

  • Go to Color > Mix > Select Orange > Adjust Luminance (and maybe Saturation)

Will these presets only work for photos taken in the listed destinations?

Absolutely not! Not all presets are meant for every type of photo. Some work better on darks evening images, whereas others will work better on bright outdoor settings. You might find that my Bali Blues preset works perfectly on photos of your dog, while the NYC preset is perfect for your Bali photos. So much of presets is learning to play around with them and tweak them to your own needs. Feel free to rename them to best suit your needs!

Any questions about my Desktop or Mobile travel presets? Drop a comment below or send me a message on Instagram. If you’re not sure if these presets will work for your photos, I’m happy to edit one of your photos for you first!

Want to share my travel presets with others or come back to purchase later? Make sure to Pin for later.

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