Taverna Trips FAQ

> Is there a maximum group size?

Yes, the group will be a maximum of 10 participants plus myself and my trip assistant.

> Is there an age requirement?

Yes, this trip is only available for individuals ages 18-35.

> Who is this trip for?

This trip is for anyone looking for an epic adventure! These perfectly curated trips take the stress out of planning. You can expect a mix of adventure and relaxation.

> Is this a party trip?

No! While there will be opportunities to enjoy some drinks on the beach or at the hotel, this is not a party trip. The days are packed with adventures from morning until night!

> Do I need to participate in all of the activities?

You absolutely are not required to participant in every activity, however the activities are included in your trip price and no refund will be given for skipped meals or activities.

> Can I book a private room?

Yes, however there will be an additional $225 fee.

> Can you help me to find a good flight?

Definitely! Send me an email at hello@tavernatravels.com

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