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Traveler Gift Guide: Gifts for Backpackers

Please note that this post may contain affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward me a small commission – at no extra cost for you.

This year I’ve decided to put together a list of the best gifts for backpackers, or any travel lover for that matter. I’ve broken the list down by budget, so that you can find a gift no matter what your budget is. I’ve also included a bunch of items from my eco-friendly travel products guide, so that you can do your part in making the world a bit greener.

Gifts for Backpackers: Budget Finds ($30 and under)

Stojo Cup

I was gifted my first Stojo cup and immediately fell in love. I have had a countless amount of travel cups over the years, and this one is by far my favorite. It is sturdy, yet collapses to practically nothing once you’re done using it, making it one of the best gifts for backpackers who don’t have much room in their luggage.

It is perfect for hot and cold drinks, and comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Make sure to get on their mailing lists, because I’ve got a feeling there are plenty of awesome new products coming from them soon.

best gifs for travelers, collapsible stojo cups

Stasher Bags

Using Stasher Bags truly changed my life, both traveling and on and on a day-to-day basis. As someone who loves to cook, I was constantly using plastic bags. Since I got my first (and soon second, third, and fourth) Stasher Bag almost a year ago, I immediately incorporated them into my lifestyle and never looked back. I haven’t purchase plastic Ziploc baggies since I started using Stasher bags, which I love.

When traveling, these can be used for packing snacks, storing makeup or toiletries, or even for your travel matcha kit (if you’re me).

stasher bags - best gifts for backpackers

Travel Towel 

microfiber travel towel for holiday gift


It is more important that ever to stay healthy this year. My go-to is a natural supplement called 8Greens. They are dissolvable tablets that provide a significant number of vitamins and minerals that many travelers don’t receive enough of daily, especially when traveling on a budget. You simply pop one in a glass of water and you’re good to go — super traveler friendly. They also have summer yummy gummies, packed with the same nutrients. 8Greens supplements are made from 8 real greens, like wheatgrass, kale, spirulina, and aloe vera.

8greens supplement as a holiday gift idea

USB Adapter 

A USB Adapter is a game-changer when you’re traveling. I have stayed at plenty of hotels/hostels over the years that only have one outlet, and it is such a struggle when I have tons of electronics to change. This device allows me to charge up to four devices at once.

USB plug for travel

Travel Hammock 

I’ll be honest, this was the first year that I really got into using a hammock, and now I never want to travel without one. It is

the best travel hammock to add to your holiday gift guide

Anker Charger 

I am the queen of arriving in a new destination with 1% battery. Don’t be me.

Packing Cubes 

I hate to admit it but I never owned packing cubes until this year. For some reason I swore by my method of packing all of my clothes into large Ziploc bags. But now that I’ve sworn off of plastic bags, packing cubes seemed like a necessary item to own. However, after being gifted my first set, I immediately fell in love. This set comes in a variety of sizes, to fit any luggage type or backpack. 

Trtl Travel Pillow 

Overnight buses, long haul flights, and more. Trust me when I say that a travel pillow is one of the best gifts for backpackers. While the Trtl Travel Pillow is a little less space-friendly than it’s blow up pillow competitors, it is infinitely more comfortable! Grabbing one of these is a game-changer when it comes to get a real night of sleep on public transportation.

Manta Sleep Mask 

A sleep mask is the perfect

Vapur Water Bottle 

I’ve probably mentioned my Vapur water bottle on my blog a hundred times over the years. But I swear it is the best travel water bottle of all time. I hate having to carry around a bulky, heavy bottle, especially when traveling. The Vapur Water Bottle folds up so that you can stick it in your pocket when you’re done, taking up no extra space or weight when packing.


Gaining access to safe drinking isn’t always easy when camping or hiking abroad. A LifeStraw is a great, easy way to filter water for any river or stream to make it safe for drinking. The straw filters out 99.999% of bacteria out of water. The product weighs only 2oz, so it is one of the best gifts for backpackers.

The Sawyer Squeeze Bottle is a good alternative water filtration system as well.

Bluetooth Speaker 

Music is such a big part of my life, and an amazing way to bond with other people. This tiny bluetooth speaker has got a whole ton of power, and it is the perfect travel companion for your next trip. It is small, affordable, and super lightweight so it doesn’t add to much weight to your travel pack. Plus, the bluetooth speaker is waterproof, so it is perfect for any adventure, from the beach to the mountains.

Gifts for Travelers: A Must-Have Splurge

The New Yorker Adventure Dress

Packing for a long term backpacking can be tricky, because you need to be super strategic about what you pack, but you also want to look cute! I recently co-designed the New Yorker Adventure Dress as one of the best travel dresses for ladies. It is affordable, chic, and super easy to travel with. I made sure that the shoulder and knees were covered, so it is perfect if you’re visiting more conservative countries, or entering religious temples.

The Adventure Dress was handmade by local female artisans in Indonesia. It’s a dress made by women for women, and is fit for any adventure. But don’t wait, the dress is only available for TWO WEEKS. Shop now for 20% off.

ClassPass Gift Card

One of the best gifts for any traveler is the gift of fitness. ClassPass offers classes around the world, as well as virtual classes that can be done in your hotel room. Taking ClassPass classes is one of the best ways to stay healthy while traveling.

Travel Backpack 

There are so many different backpacks to choose from, but I’m personally am obsessed with my Osprey 65 Liter backpack. I applaud anyone who can travel in a smaller backpack, I really do, but I need my full 65 liters. I have it in the Boothbay Gray, that looks more blue if you ask me.

Kindle E-Reader

It took me a long time to switch to a Kindle, as I always preferred reading from a real book. However, if you’re traveling for more than a week at a time, packing a bunch of heavy books isn’t exactly practical. I love my Kindle because it allows me to have any book that I want, right at my fingertips. Plus, it is more affordable when you get a Kindle Unlimited subscription for only $10/month.


If you’re interested in taking your photography to the next level, there are so many amazing cameras to choose from. I currently shoot with either the Nikon D7000 or the Sony a6000. They are both older models, so I recently upgraded to the Sony a7ii. While this is nowhere is as new as the Sony a7iii or Sony a7iv, it is perfect for my travel photography needs.

There are so many different cameras and lens available, but the ones listed above are just a few of my favorites.

Nano Puff

I absolutely love everything Patagonia, but if there is one item that I recommend for travelers it is the Nano Puff. I love that it is warm enough for cold, snowy days, but yet takes up no room in my suitcase. The Nano Puff is perfect for long term backpackers who are traveling through different seasons, or for when you’re traveling to a warm weather destination during the winter. That way you won’t be freezing on your way to the airport, but won’t have to worry about lugging around a heavy winter jacket.

A few other of my favorite Patagonia pieces include: the Patagonia Better Sweater, the Capilene Cool Long Sleeve Shirt, and the Synchilla Lightweight Snap-T Fleece.

Sleeping Bag

A quality sleeping bag is one of the most important pieces of equipment if you plan on camping. If you’re traveling with your bag, then you want to make sure that it is lightweight and compact, while still being super warm. This Hybrid Sleeping Bag from Patagonia is one of my absolute favorite travel product. It is one of the best gifts for backpackers.

Travel Gift Card

Nothing is better than quite literally giving the gift of travel. While gift cards can be seen as impersonal for many, it is a great way to gift travel. This can be with an airline gift card, or more specifically a gift card for AirBnb or Uber.

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