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Looking for the best Tulum bachelorette party itinerary? I’ve got all of the details you need!

I just returned from my 5th trip to Tulum, Mexico and this one was the most special of them all. On my latest trip to Tulum I visited with 13 of my friends to celebrate my bachelorette weekend. I wanted to include some of your typical bachelorette events, but it was also important to me that the weekend felt like an actual trip to Mexico! I put together the perfect itinerary that mixes party and chill time, without spending thousands of dollars.

This itinerary is definitely not for everyone, but simply an alternative itinerary for large groups who don’t only want to go to super fancy or expensive restaurants.

girl drinking white wine at a tulum bachelorette party weekend
pouring white wine at a tulum bachelorette party weekend

Prepare for your trip to Tulum

Tulum Bachelorette Party Itinerary Overview


  • Group arrives in the afternoon and checks into the Airbnb villa in La Valeta
  • Welcome drinks at the villa 
  • Dinner at Palma Central  


  • Group grabs breakfast at local cafes Nimeno, Once, and La Pebleta
  • Cenote Escondido + Laguna de Kaan Luum 
  • Burrito Amor takeout for lunch at the villa 
  • Theme night (dress like a famous Jon/John in honor of the groom)
  • Dinner at the villa cooked by private chefs


  • Group grabs breakfast at local cafes Nimeno, Once, and La Pebleta
  • Yoga class at Holistika 
  • Ziggy’s beach club
  • Dinner at La Pizzine in La Valeta 


  • Final breakfast 
  • Head back to the airport 
My exact itinerary for my Tulum Bachelorette Party weekend
Notes for my group pre-departure

Tulum Bachelorette Itinerary – Day 1

My goal for Day 1 of my bachelorette weekend was to keep things relatively chill. Not only did most guests have a long travel day, but it was the first night of a big three day weekend.

We had a few hours to chill and settle into the villa as guests started arriving. Since not all 14 people were arrriving in Cancun at the same time, we used Daytrip to book small group shuttles from the airport. They offer both shared and private shuttles at a reasonable price (for Tulum).

When booking airport pickups, just make sure to check which terminal you and your guests are arriving into. JetBlue currently arrives into a different terminal at Cancun than other major US airlines like Delta, United and American.

Once everyone had some time to settle in, we kicked off the weekend with some drinks at the villa before heading to Palma Central for dinner. Palma Central is a super easy, casual option for large groups. There are large picnic tables surrounded by a number of food trucks. I love that everyone can order and pay for themselves, rather than all coordinating a single bill. The only exception to this is drinks, which are order from a waiter at the table.

Cocktails from Palma Central, Tulum
Cocktails from Palma Central, Tulum
Bride suit from Everything But Water
Bride suit from Everything But Water

Tulum Bachelorette Itinerary – Day 2

Rather than trying to arrange a group breakfast, we had the group split up a do their own thing each morning for breakfast. This made things so much easier. There are so many great cafes in Tulum in the La Valeta area, so everyone can easily find a spot that works for them!

Here are a few of my favorites close by to the villa in Tulum:

  • Nimeno Bakery
  • La Pebleta
  • Once

Our first stop of the day was Cenote Escondido. Located just 10 minutes up the road from La Valeta and el Centro, it is super easy to reach. There are actually two cenotes here, Escondido and Cristal, that you can walk between, but we chose to just visit one since its about a 15-20 min walk between the two.

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This was my first time visiting Cenote Escondido and I can easily say that it is one of the best cenotes in Tulum. It is way less busy than many of the other popular cenotes in the area. We had the place almost entirely to ourselves on a Friday morning! Plus, there is a super fun rope swing.

Entry into Cenote Escondido costs 150 pesos ($8.75 USD) per person. A combo ticket with Cenote Cristal is 300 pesos ($17.50 USD).

Full bride outfit with my custom tote at Cenote Escondido in Tulum
Full bride outfit with my custom tote at Cenote Escondido in Tulum
Hanging out at Cenote Escondido
Hanging out at Cenote Escondido

Next up, we drove a few more minutes down the road to Kaan Luum Lagoon. This is a great beach alternative if you’re looking to swim and lay out. It can get pretty busy on the weekends, but the week days tend to be relatively empty.

The fee to enter Kaan Luum Lagoon is 300 pesos ($17.50) for foreigners. While it’s not the cheapest entrance fee, it’s still a more affordable option than a beach club with minimums.

Kaan Luum is the perfect swimming area for groups
Kaan Luum is the perfect swimming area for groups
There a number of docks to hang out on at Kaan Luum
There a number of docks to hang out on at Kaan Luum

After our day in the sun, we enjoyed the most delicious burritos from Burrito Amor. We ordered via Tomato, which is a local food delivery app. It was perfect to have a few hours of free time to hang by the pool, shop in the town, or mingle in smaller nights before the next event.

Rather than heading out to a restaurant, we hired a private chef through the villa. The two chefs prepared the most delicious meal with tacos, burritos, guacamole, and fresh ceviche. Priced at $35 USD per person, including tax and tip, it was a good way to keep costs down.

To keep the dinner interesting he did a theme for the night – dress up like a famous Jon/John in honor of my fiance. I’ll spare the internet photos, but the ladies went all out with the costumes (think bald caps and face paint) and it was a blast!

Private chef dinner for our theme night
Private chef dinner for our theme night
Dinner was prepared at our villa by a private chef
Dinner was prepared at our villa by a private chef

Tulum Bachelorette Itinerary – Day 3

We kicked off Day 3 of the Tulum bachelorette weekend with a 90 minute power yoga class at the beautiful Holistika. While the sweaty yoga class was a bit ambitious, it was a great way to get some movement in before another day of drinking.

The property itself is beautiful so even if you aren’t interested in taking a class, you can still check out the sculptures or take a seat at the open air cafe.

If you are staying in La Valeta neighborhood, the resort is just a short walk.

And of course it wouldn’t be a proper bachelorette weekend if we didn’t all get drunk on the beach. We chose Ziggy’s Beach Club because it was is a more laid back option that beach clubs like Tantra. There is a $70 minimum per person that can be used on food or drinks. The cocktails are on the pricy end but absolutely delicious.

If you’re ordering lunch, the traditional ceviche is a must!

Beach club outfit
Beach club outfit
Cocktails from Ziggy's Beach Club
Cocktails from Ziggy’s Beach Club

For our final night in Tulum we kept the party going with dinner and drinks at La Pizzine, followed by more drinks at a local bar. I loved staying close by to our villa, so we didn’t need to worry about coordinating taxis home at the end of the night when everyone had been drinking.

The food, drinks and overall vibes at La Pizzine are great. This time we went with an all black theme for the group and everyone looked great!

La Pizzine in La Valeta, Tulum
La Pizzine in La Valeta, Tulum
All black (except the bride)
All black (except the bride)

Where to stay in Tulum with a group

The first thing to decide is where to stay in Tulum. Your location will influence the itinerary you put together for the weekend.

A lot of groups stay on the beach in the Hotel Zone and never leave that area. I personally prefer La Valeta for a group since it is 1) way more affordable and 2) has more authentic dining options nearby.

Private pool at the villa
Private pool at the villa
So many different hang out areas at the villa
So many different hang out areas at the villa

I absolutely loved the villa that we booked for our group of 14. The rooms were slightly tight as we were 4 to a room, with 2 sharing each double bed. However, the villa itself was so so spacious with tons of areas to hang out in. Even with 14 people it never felt too crowded in the villa!

Check out current rates and availability

For the few days leading up to the big weekend we had a smaller group of only 6 girls. We stayed in a lovely villa for the nights too. The 3-bedroom villa was split into 3 floors for privacy, with a small rooftop terrace with a tiny plunge pool. I’ll share the link to the exact villa below.

Check out current rates and availability

Getting around Tulum

Unfortunately getting around Tulum has become extremely expensive. While there are options to rent bikes or scooters, this isn’t ideal with a large group. Since rideshares aren’t available, taxis are your best bet.

My recommendation is to have one reliable driver throughout the entire weekend. This ensures that you have a contact and avoid getting ripped off when hailing a taxi or having your hotel call one for you.

I met my taxi driver Juan back in 2019 and have used him as a driver for every trip since. His WhatsApp contact is: +52 984 137 7794.

Getting to Tulum

The closest airport is the Cancun International Airport, which is located approximately an hour and a half away. You have a number of options to get to Tulum from Cancun Airport, including by bus, private car service, or taxi. The easiest and fastest is definitely by car, but if you’re traveling solo you can join a group shuttle for as little at $18 USD. If you’re traveling with friends or family, I recommend a private car with Day Trip. I have put together a full guide on how to get to Tulum from Cancun airport.

You’ll find direct flights to Cancun from cities all over the US, as well as from Central America. I found that it is super easy to find affordable direct flights from New York, Miami, Chicago and more, on airlines such as JetBlue, Delta, and United.  Direct flights from NYC to Cancun are just under four hours, while flights from Miami are under two hours. 

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