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Why You Should Travel with a Pixie Cup

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Using a menstrual cup changed my life! Gentlemen, you may want to skip this one. But hey, it also makes a great gift for travelers. This article is for all of my fellow female travelers. Now, back to what I was saying. My life changing moment may seem like quite the exaggerated claim, but as someone who has suffered from horribly heavy periods my entire life, it really was a game-changer. To be honest, I had heard of menstrual cups, but never really considered trying one. And then Pixie Cup, one of the leading menstrual cup brands, sent me my first sample to try out, and I never looked back.

Since then, on the few occasions that I have needed to use tampons, I am shocked by how much better the experience with a menstrual cup is. This guide will outline everything you need to know about switching to a menstrual cup, plus why should never travel without one again. 

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What is a Pixie Cup? 

The Pixie Cup menstrual cup is a reusable silicone cup that collects your menstrual flow. It is an eco-friendly alternative to using tampons and pads. This post is not sponsored in any way. The company did send me the cup for free a few years ago, and to be honest I felt too uncomfortable sharing my experience publicly. It’s not always easy to talk about “awkward” topics like periods, however using a menstrual cup has been one of the greatest switches that I’ve ever made for my body, which is why I decided to write this post. I received a handful of products from the brand to help me write this post.

Pixie Cup is a family-owned company located in the midwest US. The company has a mission-driven value. They give one free Pixie Cup to a woman in need with every cup purchased. Which is a win-win, as you can help yourself while also helping another woman in need.

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The cups come in a variety of sizes: small, large, and extra large. As someone who used tampons for over 25 years, don’t let the size of the cup freak you out. They are just as, if not more, comfortable than traditional tampons. Despite being a small-framed female, I use the large cup. The cup size will depend on your flow size. If you’re new to the Pixie Cup, I recommend purchasing the dual pack with both sizes.

You can also purchase some additional products including pixie cup wash, wipes, and sanitizing kits for easy cleaning. However, you can also sanitize between uses by boiling for a couple of minutes. If  you still have questions, you can check out their FAQ page

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Benefits of Traveling with a Menstrual Cup 

Takes Up Less Room 

We all know that getting your period, especially when you’re traveling, can be a royal pain in the butt. Depending on your flow, you may have to pack an entire box of tampons along for a trip. I even traveled with multiple boxes, just in case, when I was traveling long term as a solo traveler in countries where it is near impossible to find tampons. Traveling with a Pixie Cup is great for anyone traveling light, as it takes up practically no room. 

The Pixie Cup Saves You Money 

Using a Pixie Cup will also save you so much money when traveling. Unlike tampons, the Pixie Cup is reusable and is said to last up to 10 years. The cup costs $19.99, and is often on sale for even less than that. So for the price of two boxes of tampons, you can be set on buying period products for the next decade! Switching to a Pixie Cup has already saved me over $200, and will continue to save me money over the years.  

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Easy to Dispose

I often found that restrooms abroad lacked a garbage can, which made disposing of feminine products particularly difficult. Who can relate? When using the Pixie Cup, there is no additional waste to dispose of. Any natural waste can be flushed down the toilet, making it super easy. The cup will need to be rinsed in a sink, or the Pixie Cup wipes can be used when traveling if necessary.

You Don’t Need to Change it as Often

As someone with super heavy periods, I used to find myself changing my tampon every hour or two. This was annoying on any day, but even more so when I was traveling. I have horror stories of trying to change my tampon on an outdoor squat toilet in China in the middle of winter. Plus, there is nothing like stressing over leakage while hiking or on a snorkeling trip. The Pixie Cup menstrual cup provides up to 12 hours of wear, and to-date I have never experienced any leakage. 


Using a menstrual cup is one of my favorite eco-friendly travel products. Unlike tampon which get thrown out after each usage of course, the Pixie Cup can be used for up to 10 years. Just think of all of the tampons that you’re saving!

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How to use the Pixie Cup Menstrual Cup

The Pixie Cup Menstrual Cup is actually super easy to use. I find that the easiest method is to bend the cup into a U-shape, and then insert. There is a bit of a learning curve, but I personally have never had any issues with difficult insertion, even with the larger size. However, they offer a Lube for anyone who needs it.

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The cup should be dumped and washed every 10-12 hours during your flow. During your flow, you can wash the cup with the wash when at home, or with some of their wipes while on the go. In between cycles, I recommend sanitizing the cup for approximately 1 hour in boiling water. Pixie Cup also offers a Steam Sterilizer that is compact and easy to use!

pixie cup sanitizing cup

Overall, I couldn’t recommend switching to a Pixie Cup more. It is eco-friendly, affordable, and a much better experience for your monthly flow. Here is a list of products to add to your next order:

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